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The Journal News reports that Rangers forward, Sean Avery, has been awarded a salary of 1.9 million for 1 year. Avery, who came to the Rangers at last seasons trade deadline from the LA Kings, helped to turn the Rangers season around. After acquiring him, the Rangers went 17-6-6, a tear that boosted the team into the the playoffs as the sixth seed. Avery scored 8 goals and had 12 assists with the Rangers in 29 games and 18 goals and 30 assists on the season. In the first round sweep of Atlanta, Avery agitated Ilya Kovalchuk and the Thrashers in addition to recording a goal and 5 assists. Avery managed to be a spark in the Rangers locker room and his "in your face" style helped toughen a soft Ranger team.

Avery is a player that is worth far more to the Rangers than 1.9 million, however, that might change. His detrimental attitude seemed to have vanished after his move from LA, mostly because he liked the Rangers organization. However, during the arbitration process, the Rangers GM, Glen Sather, reportedly called Avery "a detriment to the team" and brought up his history of having a negative attitude. The Rangers may have saved cap room by saying this because with the signing they are around 1.7 mil over the cap, but Avery may let his bad attitude return, just to get back at Sather. Hopefully, he understands what arbitration is all about and wont take the insults personally.

Sather signed Avery at this price because with his signing and the loss of the Kasparitis salary at the start of training camp, the Rangers will be 1.3 million under the cap and with no missing parts, except for arguably a big name defenseman. An integral part of the Rangers team is returning for the upcoming season. Now that Avery is signed the roster is set. There seems to be a great shot at winning the cup this year! Go Rangers!
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