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For all the morons who keep saying the Rangers are in trouble with the salary cap, you are WRONG. Yes, the Rangers ARE over the cap now but they can easily get under by the deadline without moving any players that would play for the team. So please, read this short explanation and educate yourselves. This way you wont end up looking foolish and being annoying.

The New York Rangers are 1.68 million over the salary cap. (www.nhlnumbers.com/nyr.html) That includes the 2.8 million of Shanahans performance bonuses. The CBA states performance bonuses can be moved to next years cap hit. Therefore, the Rangers have the ability to go up to 2.8 million over the cap and the amount that they exceed the cap by will be tacked on to next years salary. So if neccesary, the Rangers can now spend up to 1.12 million.

In addition, the Rangers will send Darius Kasparitis to the AHL affiliate, Hartford, at the start of training camp. His salary of about 2.9 million will come off the books. Therefore, by the deadline, the Rangers will be 1.22 million under the cap with an ability to go 2.8 million over, leaving 4.02 million available. And with that amount, even a trade for Jovanovski is possible.

Dont worry about Lundqvist getting an extension. He will be extended after January 1st and his salary will count against next year. And with Malik, Straka and others that will be let go as free agents next July, there will be plenty of cash available next season.

So, there you have it. The Rangers are just fine cap-wise and Sather, believe it or not, did not screw up the cap like New Jersey Lou did last year. Its all good in Rangerland.
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Well done! However, I do not believe Straka is going anywhere so long as Jagr remains a Ranger and they continue to work well together.
July 12, 2019 10:42 AM ET | Delete
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