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In part 2 of 10, I will break down Offense Line #1, aka, the Jagr line. I will expound upon the strengths and weaknesses of each player and explain why he fits on the line. I appreciate the input recieved from part 1 and will certainly take the feedback into consideration as the series progresses. Keep it coming. Part 2, Here we go:

Left Wing: #81 Marcel Hossa
Personal: 25 years old, from Ilava, Slovakia. Stands 6 ft 3 in and 220 lbs. Drafted 16th overall by Montreal. Shoots lefty. Salary is 1 yr, 870k. Entering his 3rd year on the Rangers. 2007 stats: 64 gm, 10 g, 8 a.
Strengths: Marcel is a big forward who excels at the possesion game. His large frame makes him very effective in the corners and in battles for the puck. He can be a presence in front of the net and has good hands to find loose pucks. Hossa is especially effective when playing with Jagr, who has a similar style of play. It is difficult to knock him off the puck so his play helps to wear out the opposing defense by keeping the puck deep in the offensive zone. He is a solid forward who plays his role very well.
Weaknesses: Hossa is not a fast skater so he will have to work hard to keep up with the speedy Gomez. He is questionable on the defensive side and can be a liablity in transition. He has not lived up to his potential or overcome the shadow of his older brother, Marian. Because he doesnt have a great shot, it will be difficult for him to produce on the fourth line. He doesnt have the defensive skills to excel on a checking line so if he doesnt play with the first line, which will be spending much time in the offensive zone, he will likely be scratched or sent down.
Why Line 1? Hossa's strengths and weaknesses make him a fit for the first line only. He has good chemistry with Jagr who likes to keep the puck and control play. He can be physical along the boards and maintain possestion to make Jagr's game effective. He would struggle on a lines 2 and 3 which are more speed lines because he is not fast. He doesnt have the defensive skills to play on the fourth line. Also, having him on the top line adds depth to the lineup and if he is dropped, the third line would be considerably weaker.

Center: #19 Scott Gomez
Personal: 27 years old from Anchorage, Alaska. Stands 5 ft 11 in and 200 lb. Drafted 20th overall by New Jersey. Shoots lefty. Contract: 7 yrs 51.5 mil. Entering his 1st year with Rangers. 2007 stats: 64 gms, 13 g, 47 a.
Strengths: Gomez is a speedy playmaker who makes accurate passes, has a good shot and can really fly. He racked up 60 pts on a defnsive-minded Devils squad and playing in Tom Renney's offensive system with Jagr should pad his stats. He has valuable experience, having been in the league since 2000 and winning two cups with New Jersey. At 27, he is entering his prime. He should play well with Jagr as his passing skills have been compared to Nylander, Jagr's pivot from last season. If he finds chemistry with Jagr, he may be part of the best offensive tandem in the league.
Weaknesses: Gomez only scored 13 goals last year. Yes, he played with the Devils but he is not worth his contract. He may not form chemistry with Jagr in which case he will be bumped to the second line and replaced by Drury. There will be no room for error for Gomez, coming from the rival Devils for a huge salary. He will feel the pressure of playing for New York from game 1 and if he doesnt improve on last year, he could be hearing boos. All in all, getting him for so much cash was a huge risk and if it doesnt pan out, heads will roll.
Why Line 1? His passing skills should keep the puck loving Jagr happy. He has the ability to make Jagr the best player in the league and form a great top line. His speed is great for the New NHL and if he finds chemistry, he will have a 100 pt season. He is exactly what the Rangers need in a first line center.

Right Wing: #68 Jaromir Jagr
Personal: 35 year old from Kladno, Czech Republic. Stands 6 ft 3 in and 234 lbs. Drafted 5th overall by Pittsburgh. Shoots lefty. Salary is 2 yrs 8.36 mil (half is being paid by WAS this season). Entering his 4th year with the Rangers. 2007 stats: 82 gm, 30 g, 66 a.
Strengths: Jagr is the Rangers best player and an top 10 forward in the NHL. He is impossible to knock off the puck and when he gets into position, he has a rocket of a shot. If he gets space in the slot, he can pick a part any goaile in the league. His big body allows him to shield the puck from defenders and his top line can keep the puck deep for minutes. He has won two cups with Pittsburgh and is hungry for another with the Rangers. A happy Jagr is a good Jagr and if he likes playing with Gomez, he could win a lot of awards, maybe even the Stanley Cup.
Weaknesses: Jagr is known to be a lazy player. He doesnt back-check very often and his defense is horrendous. If he cannot keep the puck in the offensive zone for every shift, he will not be as effective. He may be called out for his lazy play by the team's off-ice leaders and the last thing the Rangers need is a conflict in the locker room. On the ice, he is a marked man and the opposition will use every opportunity to shadow him, double team his and make it impossible for him to get into position. If his linemates cannot draw the defense away from him, it will be a long season.
Why Line #1? Why?! Because Jagr is the captain and the Rangers best player. If he struggles, the team struggles. He is the leader on the ice and will be on the top line as long as he is a Ranger.

Line 1 Grade: A
This line has potential to be a top 3 line in the league. Chemistry may become an issue but if that is overcome, this line will be unstoppable.

"Analyzing The Rangers: Part 3: Offense #2
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