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I will continue with the seemingly endless series in an effort to get reach the preseason without taking a break from writing. Unfortunately, there has been no news as of late and the well has been dry ever since the Peca signing. I have joined as an official Rangers blogger on a site that my friend put up a few days ago and if anybody is interested, the site is: http://thenhlrumorspot.blogspot.com. It is just starting out and it would be nice if you woud leave comments for moral support. If anyone is interested in writing for the site, you can send a PM to me or HABSCAPS9. It would really be appreciated. Also, please spread the word to your friends or post it on sites that you are a part of. We really need the support. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Part 7 (wow!) Here we go!

Left Defense: #51 Fedor Anatolievich (i swear) Tyutin
Personal: 24 years old from Izchevsk, Russia. Stands 6 ft 2 in and 210 lbs. Shoots lefty. Drafted 40th overall by the Rangers. Entering his third season with the Rangers. Contract: 1 yr, .988 mil. 2007 stats: 66 gms, 2 g, 12 a, -8
Strengths: Tyutin is a good defenseman who has great potential entering his third NHL season. He has shown great defensive skills, good speed and sound positional play. He has a notorious hip check that he uses to send oppenents tumbling to the ice. He is a big player and is very strong. He plays well in front and does a good job clearing out bodies from in front of the net.

He plays well in transition and makes good, accurate passes. He is still getting better as a hockey player and his quiet skilled play makes him another of the Rangers underrated defenseman.
Weaknesses: As with all young hockey players, Tyutin is still learning the game. He is entering his third year and he is still prone to mistakes. He will turn the puck over a bit too much and his awareness is not great. He is not great offensively with a below average shot. He will be playing with sophmore Daniel Girardi who cannot provide the experience that Tyutin could gain from in a linemate. His +/- was in the negatives, never a good sign for a defenseman and he will need to cut down on mistakes this season.
Why Line 2? Fedor is a great talent as a defensive defenseman. He has good skils and is still getting better. He can lend a helping hand to his young linemate and together, they can become the Rangers future top line.

Right Defenseman: #46 Daniel Girardi
Personal: 23 years old from Welland, Ontario. Stands 6 ft 1 in and 205 lbs. Shoots righty. Signed as an undrafted free agent with the Rangers. Entering his second season with the Rangers. Contract: 1 yr, 750 k. 2007 stats: 34 gms, 0g, 6 a, +7.
Strengths: Daniel is another good young defenseman in the rangers organization. He thrived in the 34 games he played with the Rangers after being called up from Hartford in January 2007. He showed good defensive skills, finishing the season as a +7 and played well with Tyutin.

He did not crack under the pressure of the playoffs and played calmly and confidently. He has good offensive upside and his size helps him control the offensive blueline. He will play his first full season this year and he and Tyutin should develop together into solid defensemen.
Weaknesses: Girardi is not a lock to make the team this season with Marc Staal, Thomas Pock and Jason Strudwick all competing for roster spots. He will have to work on his play without the puck, especially in the defensive zone where he often gets out of position and loses track of the puck. He also needs to use his size to his advantage to clear bodies from in front. He had a good 40 games last season but that is no guarantee that he will suceed in an 82 gameseason. If he does not work hard to improve on the many, albeit expected, holes in his game, he could find himself a reserve or back in the minors.
Why Line 2? Girardi played well with Tyutin last season and a developing player with an inexperience linemate, it is important that he sees minutes with the veteran offensive line of Straka, Drury and Shanahan. Giving him more minutes will also allow him to prove whether he belongs on the team or not and should serve as motivation to continue to impress.

Line 2 Grade: B-
This line has a lot of talent on it and has a good balance of defense of offense. Both Tyutin and girardi are fast skaters and that should help them in the "New NHL". They are inexperienced and with a team that is trying to make a cup run, they will need to learn fast. Together, they could become the core of the Rangers defense for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any thought, please leave a comment. If you are interested in joining the aforementioned blog or writing for it, please PM me or HABSCAPS9. Again, it is http://thenhlrumorspot.blogspot.com. Please check it out. We NEED publicity. Anyway, I cant wait for the preseason to start when I will be starting an official gamenight blog. Until then, Ill be here almost every day.

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August 23, 2007 10:51 PM ET | Delete
Good Analysis. I think Tyutin will produce more points this year ( I hope so at least). He certainly has the offensive abilities, which I think are slow to evolve as he was focusing more on the defensive aspect of his game during his first 2 seasons in the big league. BUt this year, I think he will score close to 10 goals and add 20 assists. I also agree that Girardi is not a lock up in the big league, although I highly doubt that Strudwick will beat him out for a spot. As far as Staal goes, I think he will spend the majority of this season in Hartford, but will be brought up here and there, and we can look forward to him making the team full time next season when Malik (whom I personally don't mind unlike many Blueshirt fans) becomes a free agent and likely leaves NYR. Overall, I think we are solid on D, as you mentioned in your previous analysis -we were one of the best, if not THE BEST in goals against after all-star break last season. HOwever, I have a feeling a deal for a top D-man is in the works, and Dallas is now rumored as one of the teams interested in Montoya.
August 23, 2007 11:05 PM ET | Delete
I honestly want to see Mara develop his shot. He has a blast and a half. I have been impressed with Tyutin, and I think he'll put up the 10/20 this season. Very nice analysis.
August 24, 2007 1:57 AM ET | Delete
Very well done. Tyutin is extremely underrated. Sooner or later he is going to be on the mainstream hockey radar. And to the poster who said positive things about Malik..I also agree with that. I think Malik does lots of good things in his own end. The giveaways are in the minority of his play but attract (unfairly) the most attention.
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