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Rangers Offseason Plan

Posted 9:35 PM ET | Comments 1
Just kidding. I am not going to go there yet. Looking back at the season, it was pretty much a bad beginning, mediocre middle, followed by a bad ending. The good thing is there is always next year. Hopefully this team gels and grows and maybe adds a solid defenseman or two. The main competition is the Penguins now. That is who they have to keep up with. But this team has got potential. If game 4 falls the way its expected to, it will be another home-ice farewell for the Rangers. There wont be cheering this year, and there wont be until the Rangers win the Cup. That is the goal now. The Rangers are out of the bottom 7 teams. Now they have to accelerate to the top. Good luck Rangers.
April 30, 2008 9:36 AM ET | Delete
Time to pull of UGGH EMM some Islanders Magic...Red Sox Lore in NY I hope!
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