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San Jose gets to 23 !

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The Sharks have narrowed the roster down to 23, with some strategic use of the IR. Alexi Semenov, Brad Norton, and Thomas Plihal were put on IR to cut the 26 man squad to 23 for opening night. All 3 in my opinion should have been sent to Worcester simply because they just don't have the "IT" that is needed to crack this line-up. So as for the line up, it looks very solid, the line combinations can go many different ways. One thing we do know for certain is the first line will be Marleau, Thornton, and Cheechoo. Ron Wilson has been very vocal about using Marleau on the first line and with Pavelski playing so well right now, why not? Here is a quick look at the opening night roster...


Joe Thornton
Patrick Marleau
Joe Pavelski
Marcel Goc
Torrey Mitchell
Curtis Brown
Jeremy Roenick
Milan Michalek
Steve Bernier
Jonathan Cheechoo
Devin Setoguchi
Mike Grier
Patrick Rissmiller
Ryan Clowe


Marc-Eduard Vlasic
Kyle McLaren
Craig Rivet
Christian Erhoff
Douglas Murray
Rob Davison
Matt Carle


Evgeni Nabokov
Dimitri Patzold

The team is looking very well put together and no matter what the line combinations are, every line looks as though it could be a scoring threat. Roenick, and Brown will probably be scratches tomorrow night and the lines will look somethiing like this...

Forward Lines


Defensive Pairings


I could be very wrong, I'm just taking a guess. We shall see what Wilson makes of the lines tomorrow night. I will be doing a thorough breakdown of the team next week. I just have not had time to sit down and really get it out on paper. I have to juggle the Wife's B-day with the Sharks season opener tomorrow night and then we will be going away for the weekend. So I should have my take on the team up sometime next week. Nabokov will be starting in goal, in case I was unclear about that !

Have a good day !
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October 3, 2007 12:06 PM ET | Delete
Can't wait to see Mitchell and Gooch in action when it counts! Hoping for big things this year from Gooch and please, can this be the year that Bernier turns the corner and begins to live up to the expectations, offensively? I am really excited about Greiss, I think he looked better than Patzold and with a little more seasoning in Woostah, maybe he'll get a chance to come back later in the season and spell Nabby for a few games?
October 3, 2007 1:26 PM ET | Delete
Actually, I believe Mitchell will center Michalek and Setguchi to give the Sharks one line of blazin' amazin' speed. At least that was the impression I got from the Sharks website.
October 3, 2007 2:43 PM ET | Delete
I think Setoguchi could challenge for the Calder...
October 3, 2007 5:22 PM ET | Delete
I think I scene more quote on how super fast Michalek-Mitchell-Seto The "fastest line" in Ron Wilson's Sharks tenure. So I see Clowe-Pavelski-Bernier
October 3, 2007 9:14 PM ET | Delete
i like those lines except i dont see how the sharks can bench brown, who along with grier, was awesome on the PK last year. if michalek or pavelski can step in to the PK, then fine but cubro is a very solid guy. i think that wilson will have somewhat of a rotating scratch system involving brown, roenick, riss, mitchell and possibly clowe, bernier and goc.
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