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Oh What a Night

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Last nights Sharks victory extended the win streak to 3. I normally do not start calling them streaks until after three, but due to the start of this season I will make an exception. This streak feels different though. The four game streak where San Jose took three from Phoenix and a game from Dallas did not have the same feeling to it. It almost seemed like everyone kind of brushed it aside. We know we can beat Phoenix, that has been established. The win against Dallas was special given the Sharks shootout record. This three game streak however feels a little more legit. Winning a home and home against Colorado was uplifting, and last nights win in Dallas has possibly got the ball rolling.

Patrick Marleau and Jonathan Cheechoo scored in the same game for the first time since Febuary of last year. Both players have been off to a bad start this season, and have drawn criticism for their lackluster play from the fans as well as the media. Trade talks are swirling and whispers of heathy scratches are in the air. Last night will hopefully be something for both players to draw off of. If Marleau and Cheechoo can get back to form, the team may see itself begin to take form as a complete unit.

I will have a game preview up tomorrow morning, but at the moment I wanted to reflect on last nights talkcast. It was a great show for Ryan and I. In fact it was probably by far the best show we have done so far, too bad we embarresed ourselves by keeping Sharks T.V. play by play extrordanaire on hold for 20 minutes. In our defense, we are still new at this and we are working out the kinks, also we did not know he would be calling in, so it was quite a surprise. A great surprise it was though. It is exciting to know that we have done enough around here to grab the attention of guys like Randy. To be complimented by him has to say something about what we are building here. If you did not get a chance to listen to last nights talkcast, you can do so by clicking on the link at the bottom of this blog.

Randy was great, as he lended us his thoughts and analysis on where the team is at a third of the way into the season. He hung out and humored us for a good 20 minutes and it says a lot about how great a guy and hockey fan Randy really is. For him to take the time to listen and call in at the hour he did was fantastic, we have to remember he was in Dallas, so it was much later there than it was here. So a big huge thanks to Randy for joining us last night and we hope to have you on again in the near future.

As for the upcoming talkcasts Ryan and I will have to get together and see what we can do to bring on some more guests. I have not talked to Ryan about this yet, but we may want to come up with a name for the talkcast. Send us your comments on this and we will see what comes of it. Remember to join us tomorrow morning at 10 am for the next episode and to talk about tomorrow nights game in Phoenix.

Until next time .....

Thanks for reading and have great night ! GO SHARKS !


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December 6, 2007 8:43 PM ET | Delete
I hate to say it (being a Duck's fan), but Marleau's assist last night was freakin' sick! The fact that it was only #5 on the NHL Network's top 5 plays of the night was a travesty.
December 6, 2007 9:06 PM ET | Delete
great blog buddy as usual terrific blogger
December 7, 2007 2:00 AM ET | Delete
Great read as usual and let's hope the other two thirds of the big three can build off of this game! I went back and watched the TiVo of the game and I would like to give honorable mention to Mitchell for a good effort and say that's it's nice to have his threat of a break away to go along with Michalek's threat. Maybe even Patty will get back to old form and give us a few break aways again. As painful as it is to say it, I can actually see an improvement in Riss's game also. We'll probably never see him put up many points but he is startin to lay the lumber all over the ice and in re-watching the game I like the way he kept it goin the whole time he was out there. Kudos too to the PK and Nabby for a great job of bailing out Rivet on the DoG penalty and killing off the 5on3! Way to keep up the best PK in the league!
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