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Back To Work !

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This is going to be simple, just a list of thoughts I had over the weekend and this morning. I am going to slide today because I would rather be in bed still, but too bad, duty calls. So here it goes.........

*Santa has left the building, Sharks fans are beginning to do the same!

*The Atlanta Thrashers would love to have Patrick Marleau centering their first line. Well they can have him, just send us Kovalchuk.

*Ryan Clowe got "BELLED" !

*How long will Doug Wilson stick to "The Plan"!

*Ryan must be a Popsicle right now.

*Should I roll up all my X-mas lights and put them away, or should I throw them away and just buy new ones next year?

*Philly and Buffalo on Saturday was exactly what non-hockey fans need to see to get on board!

*The Sharks have 8 centers scattered on 4 lines! There were 3 of them on the 4th line at Sunday's practice.

*"Little Drummer Boy" has to be one of the worst X-mas songs ever in my opinion. Not because I play guitar, I have nothing against drummers, but that has to be one of the most boring, mono tone, unmotivated sounding tunes ever. I am editing it out of all my X-mas music playlists for ever!

*I got everything I wanted for Christmas, the Sharks even beat the Ducks, well on my X-box 360 they did!

*They should change the "Guide" button on our T.V. remotes to the "College Football Guide" button! That is all that is on the tube, and quite frankly it is killing me!

*Kids today need more time to just be kids! They need to go out and play in the dirt more!

*A Coach in the Bay Area should admit his teams unsuccessful season was in large part his fault.

*I wonder how many people really listen to SharksBuzz?

*Jerk chicken is the best spicy chicken. For those of you who have never been to Jamaica it is a good reason to go. It is very hard to find good jerk chicken in the states. Although I make a pretty good one!

*Power tools make great Christmas gifts, just not for your wife. Guys who are stupid enough to still try and pull this off, I feel sorry for you.

*Guitar Hero I, II, or III takes the cake for "Best video game soundtrack", nothing else comes close.

*The Giants will go 76-86 in 2008. Barry Zito will win 14 games. Matt Cain will win 20.

*The "Winter Classic" game will be an exception to my "No beer drinking before Noon" rule.

*Was Curtis Brown playing leftwing on the 1st line part of Doug Wilson's "Plan"?

*Martin Havlat is officially being dropped from my fantasy team forever!

*If Havlat could stay healthy for a complete season he would................

*Indigenous is a great band!

*Ham is better than turkey!

Alright I will be back tomorrow with an actual Sharks post. Enjoy tonights game and have a great day ! Thanks for reading.

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December 26, 2007 6:27 PM ET | Delete
I would love kovy to I will send dion:) good to see your blog . Havlat would be a superstar if he could stay healthy.but he has not done that .
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