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It has been a week since the last Sharks talkcast and yet we have only seen one Sharks game since then. This schedule has just been absolutely ridiculous so far this season, what a joke. It has been hard for this Sharks to gain any momentum thus far, too many days between most games. Although their best stretch of the season came in a week where they played Phoenix three times, we all got to see what the team can muster if they can play steadily and get a rhythm going.

The Sharks have only won two in a row twice this season, back in late October beating the Preds and the Flames, and in mid November when they won four in a row, taking three from Phoenix and one from Dallas. Every loss following a win, except for one, came after a break of 3 or more games. Every win after a loss, except for one, has come after only 2 days rest between games. My point........ San Jose can not keep a ryhthm when there is more than 3 games between wins. The 4 game win steak came on a stretch where San Jose played 4 times in 6 nights. This team needs to play often to stay on track but must find a way to win on any night. This leads me to this question.......

Who is in charge of keeping this team motivated between games?

Well obviously that should be the coaches job, right? If it is, then he is not doing a good job of it. Could it be the players job? It could be their's as well, but if it is, they are not doing a good job of it either. This now leads me to my next question....

Is this team lacking some serious leadership?

Not according to the Sharks organization. They think they have great leadership based on the way they speak of the guys they have in the locker room.

During tonights talkcast call in and let me know what you think the answers are to these questions. Oh and while your at it maybe you can think about these as well..............

*Why does Ron Wilson hold Patrick Rissmiller in such high regards?

*Why is the team carrying so many defensemen?

*Why can Marleau not play on the left consistently?

*How long can you wait for players to get going, before you realize they are going and this is all they have?

*Why are players shots missing by so much, so often?

*Why is Ozolinsh's shot not used more from the point?

*Why does every player on this team think pass first shoot second?

Think about it !

Call in tonight and let us know what you feel are the main issues that need to be addressed. You can call in at (724) 444-7444, talkcast ID 74909. If you do not feel like calling in you can always join the chat.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! GO SHARKS !
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November 26, 2007 5:09 PM ET | Delete
you have some good points I really like the pass stop being cute just shoot the puck get back to the basics.Flamestr
November 26, 2007 5:11 PM ET | Delete
Too many passes killed the Sharks on Saturday night! I can't tell you how many times I heard the fans yelling "shoot the fricken puck"! The Sharks like to make that one extra predictable pass that isn't going to surprise any defense and usually a large percentage become turnovers. I hope they turn this around soon!
November 26, 2007 5:13 PM ET | Delete
Why does the shoot out suck? Try a few different shooters, like Ozo, or Carle, we may be pleasantly surprised by what Dmen can do with an open sheet of ice!
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