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It is Duck season and this mornings shoot at the Los Banos Wildlife Refuge was probably better than the Sharks effort last night. They just did not have it. The forwards looked confused trying to get the puck into the offensive zone, and when they did nothing came of it. Anaheim went out and just took over the 3rd period. The Ducks skated hard, hit everything that moved, and completely broke down the Sharks.

The Sharks may have out hit Anaheim on the score sheet, but the Ducks threw the body in a way that made the Sharks just sort of lay down and give up in the last frame. The Sharkies just looked lifeless for many stints of the game. Of course there were the couple of fights that got the crowd up, but that was about all there was to cheer about.

I am going to just throw out some numbers and a quick comment on each of them.....

11- Shots on goal at even strength. Now granted the Ducks took away shooting lanes last night and they did an outstanding job of standing up players entering the zone, but come on. Once again to many passed up shots. Instead of using their speed better and creating shots on the rush, they gain the zone, hold up, and try to set up, giving Anaheim defenders time to get into position to clog up shooting lanes.

2- Shots on goal by Joe Thornton. Yes they were all over him last night, but when he gains the zone he should try going to the net a little more often or just try blasting a shot, everyone already knows his little pull up move and it is not helping generate much offense right now.

0- Shots on goal at even strength for Patrick Marleau. 20.28 of ice time and not one shot on goal at even strength. He was also a -1 last night. He also allowed Ducks captain Chris Pronger to out captain him last night.

71- Torrey Mitchell's face off % last night, he won 5 out of 7 and played a good game again.

7- Short handed shots on goal. Mitchell and Grier continued to make things happen on the PK, and this is in addition to being excellent at killing penalties.

In yesterdays blog I wrote I was going to gather some quotes from fans in the stands, well I did that. I am going to post that tomorrow though, it turned out to be a little bit bigger of a write up than I had planned on doing. I got some good stuff, even though it was much quieter in there than normal.

Remember to join Ryan and I on SharksBuzz tonight at 10 pm PST. We will be talking about all sorts of good stuff. Also I would love to hear your ideas on what would make the PP better. See ya tonight !

Thanks for reading and have a great day! GO SHARKS!
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