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I would like to start off by saying thank you to all of you who sent me stories of your favorite moments in Sharks history.

Many of us have our own fond memories of a time when the team or a certain player did something that just wowed us. Is wowed really a word? Who cares, right? Many of us also share the same moments as great times at the Tank or Cow Palace, for those of us who were there for the first two seasons. The First two moments are two of the biggest moments in Sharks history. I threw these two in so nobody forgets about them. I understand there are fans who may not be aware of these, only because they are newer or younger fans. I want to do complete write ups of these in the future, as for now, here is just a quick reminder of what happened...........

Sharks vs. Redwings, Round 1, 93/94 Playoffs

Coming off one of the biggest turnarounds in NHL history, a 58 point increase from a horrible previous season, the Sharks scored the #8 seed in the playoffs with an 82 point season. Matched up against the #1 seeded Detroit Redwings, the Sharks were written off in an instant. Detroit finished the season with 100 points and a favorite to win the Stanley Cup. San Jose shocked the hockey world as they knocked off the Redwings 5-4 in the first game. San Jose would go on to defeat Detroit in 7 games for one of the biggest upsets in NHL history.

Ray Whitney, Sharks vs. Calgary, Round 1, Game 7, 94/95 Playoffs

Ray Whitney scored one of the most memorable goals in Sharks history. I remember being at the Tank, watching on the jumbo-tron. That was when they used to show the away games during the playoffs at the Tank. Whitney scored in double OT to knock the Flames out of the playoffs. Sharks fans went crazy and ran out onto the ice and celebrated as the Sharks for the second straight season moved on to the second round.

So onto your memories.........


It's got to be one of two memories, both are very vivid in my mind, hard to decide which one I like the best?

Stanley Cup Playoffs, 2006, Game Two vs. Edmonton........ Scott Hannan and Mark Smith kill penalty after breaking their sticks for the last 40 seconds of Edmonton's 5 on 3 Power Play. It was absolutely amazing watching Scotty and Smitty use their skates, hands, bodies, anything they could to block shots. Amazingly they killed the penalty without even allowing a shot on goal!
It was the absolute most incredible thing I have ever witnessed at the Tank!

Though my favorite "feel good memory" at the Tank has to be Stanley Cup Playoffs 2004, Game One, Sharks 5 Avalanche 2
Witnessing Patrick Marleau pull off a hat trick against the mighty Avs. I'll never forget how the Tank went nuts and it rained every hat in the arena! That set the tone for the Sharks ultimately winning the series, in one that many Sharks fans never thought we would get past.


Well the only one I really have is at the cow palace, my dad took me and we were standing in the 2nd row during the pre-game skate and Pat Falloon flipped the puck over the glass to me, but of course the puck landed in the 1st row, so i dove over the row and grabbed the puck. Now I have a nice scar on my shin to show for it.


By far any of the games in 2000-2001, it was the first year I really became a hockey fan and I got to spend many an evening with my Wife and 2 year old son. Nothing beats free parking in San Pedro Square, a cheap dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and two tickets to a sharks game!


This is going to be an ongoing blog. I will post more of your favorites through out the season. I am going to write about my favorites in an upcoming blog.

I was working on a piece about Jeremy Roenick but Garner beat me to the punch. I may post that piece later on in the year. I also got into contact with Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News. I am going to do a blog about what he said about the Media coverage of the Sharks and where they stand amongst other teams in the Bay Area. That blog is my priority to get finished and posted so look for it in the upcoming days.

That is all for now. Look for more, "Moments in Sharks History" A Fans Perspective, to be posted in the future.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! GO SHARKS !
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I love these blogs great history blog shark great jobFlamestr
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Thanks Nc. The game is so great that hockey moments/memories like these are are always welcomed. Share the passion, I say.
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