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The San Jose Sharks blemished Scott Neidermayer's return to the Ducks line-up Sunday evening, winning 2-1 in a shootout. Neids however looked like he has not missed a step. His presence was felt on both the defensive and offensive sides of the puck. The teams played a tight and tough game and for the third time in three games against each other this season, the teams went to a shootout to decide the winner. San Jose, as everyone knows, is the worst team in the shootout since it's inception to the league. Anaheim won the previous two games as San Jose continued to fail in the shootout. Last night however the Sharks stood strong and celebrated a much needed victory over the Ducks and won a shootout to boot.

A victory for the Sharks against Anaheim was just what this team needed. Not just for the Pacific Division points or the win in a shootout, but for the simple fact the team has not been able to shake the Ducks off in so many previous meetings. The Ducks, no matter how bad they could be playing at the time, always seem to get the best of the Sharks. Hopefully the team gained the confidence they need to defeat Anaheim in the future, that future game being tomorrow night. They have the talent to do so, I believe they just lacked a little confidence.

I hate to say it, but Matt Carle was bad again. His poor effort on Saturday against the Stars all came in just over eleven minutes of ice time. This turned into Rob Davison getting the call against the Ducks and Carle getting to sit. To say Carle has struggled this season is an understatement. While most players who have struggled in the first part of the season are visibly working out the kinks and getting back into form, Carle is still making the same mistakes over and over. The Sandis Ozolinsh signing is looking better and better every day. Carle is not developing as fast as everyone thought he was, and his confidence may be getting tarnished by the consistent stints in the press box. Is a trip to Worcester needed? I don't think it can hurt. So his ego gets bruised a little, big deal, it can't be any worse than what he has been doing on the ice. Matt Carle at this point does not make the Sharks any better when he is on the ice. San Jose will not have the option to just send him down when his new contract kicks in next season, so if he needs a trip to Woostah, now is the time. His 6 points and -6 are not helping the team in any way and as the team looks to be returning to form, the young defensemen does not. Carle will not get better by just sitting in the press box, so I say send him down for a couple of weeks. We can get in to this on SharksBuzz tonight.

Be sure to tune into SharksBuzz tonight at 10 pm PST. It will be a good one tonight as we go over yesterdays win in Anaheim and look forward to tomorrow nights game against the Ducks in the Tank. You can call in with all your questions or thoughts on the game or anything else for that matter. We do not discriminate at SharksBuzz, all callers are welcome! See you all there tonight!

Thanks for reading and have a great day! GO SHARKS!
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December 17, 2007 12:39 PM ET | Delete
Watched this game on the center ice great game thought Nobby played very well as so did Giggy. The Best shark in my opinoin Michalek was the best shark man that guy can fly. Great write as always capt.
December 17, 2007 12:50 PM ET | Delete
Just want to say that McLaren's sit in the Press Box has definitely benefited his game. The guy is playing like there is a thorn in his jock, just throwing the body at anything in opposing colors.
December 17, 2007 4:13 PM ET | Delete
Too be honest, the Sharks don't need to play Carle. He is too unsure with the puck and he is a defensive liability. He really needs to spend time down in Worcester. He can play a bunch of games and average over 20 minutes. It would do him a world of good. It was a great game, full with playoff intensity. I am looking foward to Tuesday's game. BTW, I hate Hayward. Talk about the most biased announcers!
December 17, 2007 5:01 PM ET | Delete
Woostah! Old memories for me from that part of the country (Leominster and Ft Devens, mostly). That's a long cross country trip for call-ups/send-downs. "Ughh, hello there. We need an injury replacement. Think he can be here in a couple of days? What's that? Oh, the storm's closed Logan?"
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