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Alright so previously I had written about the media coverage in the Bay Area, and how it covers the Sharks. I asked many fans and some other bloggers about their take on the topic, and came up with quite a bit. Well a couple of weeks ago Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News got back to me on the subject, and this is what he had to offer on the subject.

He agrees that a great majority of fans are not happy with the coverage of the Sharks in Bay Area media outlets. He himself enjoys writing about hockey, and has enjoyed writing about the Sharks since opening night in 91'. Mark also brings up a very good point, "the Bay Area is second only to New York in terms of major teams the media has to cover, we have two MLB teams, two NFL teams, an NBA team, three major college football teams, six major men's college basketball teams, six major women's college basketball teams.....and the Sharks". Finding a spot for the Sharks to fit in has been the tough part. The Mercury ranks them fairly high, and has given them a spot on the front of the sports section, and I don't think anyone has a problem with any of that. My main issue is that I would like to see more features on individual players, not just game recaps.

David Pollak and Mark Emmons have done a pretty good job as of late, and it is much appreciated. Their coverage has been a little more in depth than it has been in the past. Now I know an assignment is just that, you can not make someone write passionately about a sport they are not passionate about. Here lies the problem. The print media needs to hire writers who are passionate about the sports they write about. I would agree with most fans who say, "I could write a more detailed piece about the team", I do not doubt that, although it would probably be a mess when it comes to grammar. Writers will write about whatever they are assigned to write about, whether or not they are passionate about it. In my opinion the media outlets are at fault, not the writers.

I have come to this conclusion........we can not continue to blame the writers. I myself have been guilty of this in the past. What we need to do is contact our local media outlets and let them know what we want to see. Many nights I have been called by the Mercury News and asked to take a survey, and many nights I have passed and hung up. This is where we need to be better as readers and speak up. Mr. Purdy also said that in his experience with these surveys and just living in the community, interest in the 49ers, Raiders, Giants, and A's, has always been higher than the Sharks. So, Is it us Sharks fans who have the problem? Are we asking for too much? Maybe, maybe not. I ask this question to the media, Is it so bad to want better coverage of our favorite teams? Is it so bad that readers want to read more?

We could go on and on and on about this, but I will leave it at that, for now! I would like to thank Mark Purdy for getting back to me and giving his insight on the subject, it is very much appreciated and I look forward to talking with you in the future. To the fans, continue to be passionate about your team and speak up about them. The media will be the media. Only the people who read and watch keep them going. Continue to demand more about your team and things may get better.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ! GO SHARKS !
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Great read NcShark. Who wouldn't want to read about the Sharks? Both football teams suck (and I am a 49er fan), both baseball teams suck (and I am a Giants fan), I don't even think the Warriors will make a miracle playoff run again (unless they can play the Mavericks all year), and the college football teams are bad (Cal might make a bowl, might). I root for a lot of bay area teams, but none of those teams have been nearly as consistent season after season in the quality of play. Well good read again, and appreciate the time you put in. Go Sharks
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Who's Purdy anyway? I just read Garner and Nc! Personally, I don't read newspapers anymore. Though I know many people love them, Hockey is a year round religion for me and there is no Bay Area newspaper that's ever going to give me my fix. The thing I love about the Internet is that you can search out the specific news on teams, players, authors that suits you best and not just be dependent upon one particular writer's half-hearted slant on the Sharks, on a given day. My biggest gripe is the radio coverage and the almost sarcastic stance that our major talk radio program expresses towards the Sharks. Nothing boils me more than hearing Radnich clown or brush over anything to do with the Sharks! Thank God for XM 204!
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great job again
October 26, 2007 3:11 PM ET | Delete
While much print media (books in particular) will continue to be published (as they should), it is my opinion that newspapers are becoming less and less relevant. They can't be all things to all people anymore - there is just too much to cover and their revenue sources are shrinking rapidly. Unless they reinvent themselves (doubtful) then good writers such as those who care about hockey, will not be given the space they need to write. With a site like HB with its many outstanding professional and amateur writers, newspaper coverage of hockey (and most other news as well) has become unnecessary, at least for me. Nice job Nc.
October 26, 2007 3:13 PM ET | Delete
Good comments sharks_fan_tim.
October 27, 2007 5:55 PM ET | Delete
Ultimately, the local media usually concedes to the demand of the audience. If we don't gripe enough, you are right, we are to blame. Writerss are paid by the paper to write what they are told, not what they want. Guess we need to speak up and get some coverage back. Especially at the Merc. Purdy has always been a straight-up guy with a good sense of humor. We should cut him some slack.
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