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San Jose, CA • United States • 33 Years Old • Male
Where should I start? I can say have experienced something I have never experienced in my life ever before; I attended a professional sporting event where they did not play the national anthem. The San Jose Sharks home opener started a little weird to say the least. As me and my wife made our way down Santa Clara St. toward the Tank I thought to myself, "It really is hockey season again". My wife was just as excited as, she made me take her to the store so she could get a new Sharks shirt just for the opening night game. Just as we approached the front of the arena, the place went dark.

The lights were out on the night I have been anticipating since May 7th. We would eventually get in, grab a couple of beers and grab our seats in section 107. It seemed very strange in the building before the game started. There were no warm ups, no player introductions, no national anthem, and no gigantic shark head making its way down from the rafters. The amazing new jumbo tron only showed a message, "Due to electrical difficulties the game will be slightly delayed", or something of that sort. On a night where Mike Ricci was supposed to drop the ceremonial first puck, the players simply came out of the locker rooms and basically went straight to center ice for the face off. The Sharks added all sorts of new high tech equipment in the off season and nothing worked. It was kind of like watching a college hockey game, but even they usually have a P.A. system. Midway through the first period they got partial power back, and as the guy sitting next to us put it, we had advertisements. A few moments later we had Metallica blaring on the P.A. and it began to feel like a game at the Tank.

The crowd began to get into it a little more and the players seemed to take notice. After a flat start the Sharks began to get something going and had a few good chances but came up empty. San Jose pretty much dominated the play in the second and third periods but could not put the puck in the net. The powerplay was not clicking again, and Joe Pavelski should not be on the point on the PP. San Jose set up pretty well in the offensive zone many times, but failed to shoot the puck too many times. If I had a dollar for every time Kyle McClaren passes up a shot to dump the puck behind the net instead, I might be able to afford season tickets on the glass. I do not like to single players out but K-mac needs to take more shots. However the Sharks need to take more shots on the PP. Not all PP goals have to be pretty, a goal off of a defenders skate counts just the same as any other goal. San Jose needs to score more ugly goals. There is way too much setting up for the perfect opportunity for me. Well everyone knows what the end result was. The last minute was the most exciting and the most devastating all in one. It was a recap of last season wrapped in to a single minute of play.

Anyway on to "What a Weekend"

Cal blew its chance at #1, When you can not find a way to put it in the endzone on 3 straight plays from the 1 inch line, do you really deserve to be #1 ?

Boston gave up 7 runs in the top of the 11th inning, guess that says it all.

Evander Hollyfield lost Saturday night by decision. Yes Evander Hollyfield fought this weekend this is not a joke, but the fight was.

Henrik Lundqvist had the worst 52 seconds of his life Saturday.

52. Total number of goals scored in 5 NHL games that all had combined totals of 10 or more on Saturday. Who says the goals need to be bigger?

Minnesota is still the only team without a loss in regulation despite having scored only 10 goals so far this season. Oh yeah, they have only given up 4 goals in their first 5 games as well.

A horse named Ifuwntowinbetonme, did not win, and neither did anyone drawn in by his name.

Maybe if the 49ers just kicked a field goal every time they get in range the defenses work will not be all for nothing. I mean hey, if you are not going to let Alex Smith throw the ball down the field, anyway, just a suggestion.

Guess who won the Diaz vs. Diaz fight? That's right Diaz, Juan Diaz that is. Julio Diaz quit before the 9th round started, rightly so, he was getting his %#* kicked.

Tom Brady threw for 388 yards and 5 touchdown passes in New England's win over Dallas. Not a bad day. His 21 TD's are more than anyone else in NFL history through the first 6 games.

The Rockies trucked on in Rocktober taking a 3-0 series lead over Arizona.

My wife was heckled by renaissance people at the renaissance faire. She did not think it was very funny. She was not dressed the part so she was an easy target. They really like to mess with the first timers.

The Chargers took out their early season woes on the Raiders, and Raiders fans even got to watch it on T.V.

USC is no longer in the top 10 !

Kenny Mayne is not as funny as he was before he was on dancing with the stars.

I saw the wickedest comb over at The Brit before the game on Saturday. If you are reading this partner, just shave your head, you aren’t fooling anyone. If I can do it so can you.

I could go on and on but we will leave it at that !

Have a good day ! GO SHARKS !
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