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Something has got to give soon. Either this team is going to break out and start lighting teams up, or it will just give. Now we really can't complain, San Jose is not in a bad spot amongst the rest of the league. Second in goals against says a lot about how well this defense and Nabby have played thus far. The penalty kill has been great and Thornton has been amazing. But what about the rest of the supporting cast? This brings me to some questions for everyone out there. Tonights talkcast should be interesting because I see a lot of people are eager to vent their ideas about the team, so think about these few questions while you are at it........

*Where is the grit?
Why has this team continued to let their star players get ran at, and continue to turtle and wait to make them pay on the powerplay. Cause the PP is not clicking !

*Why is Curtis Brown still being scratched?
I have a good reason for this finally and it has a lot to do with how well Torrey Mitchell has played on the PK.

*Why carry 7 defensemen when Semenov is one of them?
He is just not good and Rob Davison would be better to have back there, anyone other than Semenov !

*Does Joe Thornton have to do everything?
Joe is the only consistent player night in and night out, but he should not be the guy fighting and sticking up for his teammates.

*Why not let Roenick drop them Saturday night?
If J.R. had had to drop the gloves, that would have been a huge wake up call to his teammates, but Thornton seemed to just go over and stop him.

*Why scratch McClaren Saturday night?
His physical presence would have been a great asset to the team, especially knowing Buffalo would be coming in fired up!

*What is going on at home?
The Sharks seem to be fumbling the puck around a lot on home ice.

*Should beer prices be lowered if the team continues to play like this at home?
Hell yes best idea yet!

*Do you really think Ron Wilson is the problem?
I am beginning to think so !

*Does Patrick Marleau need to be scratched?
He has been better lately, but still not up to par yet!

Well just a few things to ponder till tonights talkcast. Everyone join us tonight at 10 pm PST. The number to call in is (724) 444-7444 or got to talkshoe.com, talkcast ID 74909.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! GO SHARKS!

Tonights Talkcast has been canceled. Ryan has some other commitments tonight so we will see you all Wednesday!
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December 11, 2007 2:49 AM ET | Delete
*Where is the grit?I hate to speculate about things like this, but if I had to, I'd say that there have been threats from the coaching staff against taking unnecessary penalties.*Why is Curtis Brown still being scratched?Good point, I never really thought about Mitchell's PK presence, but still. Give Brown a shot to get light a fire under this team.*Why carry 7 defensemen when Semenov is one of them?He did show signs of improvement during his first few games this year, but lately he's been rough. I'd rather have Davison out there (and I've never been a fan of Davison), but only as a D-man, not a forward.*Does Joe Thornton have to do everything?I hear he's going to start covering the team for the Mercury and being the radio color-commentator when he's not on the ice.*Why not let Roenick drop them Saturday night?No idea, I didn't see Thornton go stop him. It looked to me like Roenick was trying to be smart and draw a roughing penalty.*Why scratch McLaren Saturday night?He has been in a slump lately, and RW clearly didn't think Buffalo would play a physical game. Interesting choice to scratch him after he was already out for a few games.*What is going on at home?I have absolutely no idea. Marleau might still be shaken by fans' view of him after Round 2 last year. I still don't think Cheechoo will ever be anything more than a 20-goal scorer again. Setoguchi might be nervous in front of such a large home crowd. Michalek has been very noticeable on all the road games I've seen, but when I'm watching live at the Tank, I never really think about him. Those are really the only guys who are supposed to be consistent scorers on this team.*Should beer prices be lowered if the team continues to play like this at home?Just move all the home games to the road, and buy your beer at the store.*Do you really think Ron Wilson is the problem?I am also beginning to think so.*Does Patrick Marleau need to be scratched?Let him sit a game out.
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