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It is getting closer. I can smell the Turkey already. It is also time for a few more player evaluations. So here you go, 5 players and my take on them so far this season.......

Joe Thornton

Well who can really complain. Joe is averaging over a point a game right now and has been the only guy who has a set spot on a line. everyone else bounces around but Joe stays perched as the center on the top line. Twenty-one games into the season Joe has 24 points, topping the Sharks list of point getters with 8 goals and 16 assists. His +7 is second best only to Douglas Murray's +15. He has continued his brilliant play again this season and has been the most consistent player in the line-up.

Milan Michalek

Off to a slower start than most expected, Michalek will have to do more, for this San Jose team to be more successful. Currently trying to heal up, he sits at 8 points on the season. I had Milan pegged as an 80 point player this season, but that is not looking like a possibility unless the team as a whole improves with him. He has pretty much been a staple at the leftwing spot on the top unit, but he has also spent time playing on a line with Marleau and Bernier. Once Michalek kicks it into the next gear that top line of Thornton, Setoguchi, and himself is going to get even more dangerous.

Jeremy Roenick

Jeremy has exceeded everyone's expectations. He has found himself second on the team in points with 13. The great thing is how clutch he has been. He always plays with a ton of passion, and he scores goals when goals are needed, out of his 6 goals, 5 are game winners! He has been really good at picking his shots as well 6 goals on 22 shots is pretty darn good. Maybe he should take some more shots. Either way San Jose has already got their money's worth from JR and who cares if he does stay second on the team in points as long as he goes out with the same intensity he plays with right now.

Matt Carle

My only complaints with Carle are that he has trouble keeping the puck in the zone on the powerplay and he just does not show up often enough. His game has been very up and down and hopefully spending that string of games in the pressbox woke him up. The Sharks need Carle to become that powerplay quarterback they envisioned him to be or they are going to have to find themselves a new one.

Christian Erhoff

If Erhoff can start to shoot the puck more, and find a little more accuracy with it as well, he may become that powerplay quarterback. In 20 games he has 18 shots! A guy with a shot as hard as Erhoff's, has got to shoot more. If he can find better accuracy with it, teams will have to watch for his shot on the powerplay, and that will just create more room for the other guys on the ice. On the defensive side he has been very strong and is only a -1 on the year. If he can harness that shot he can become very dangerous on the blueline.

*Last nights talkcast went very well. I apologize for my connection being so quiet last night. I am having some phone issues and I am looking into getting that all worked out. Thanks to the callers and everyone who listened, without you guys it would just be Ryan and I blabbing to each other. The next Talkcast will be on Monday the 26th, looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! GO SHARKS !
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November 20, 2007 11:37 PM ET | Delete
I completly agree with you on jr terrific story. Wasn't Michalek injured? for a time once he gets some game under his belt he will be fine. I am really am stumped with Carle he is a lot better than he is playing.
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