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The top name that keeps getting thrown around town as rumours swirl is Ryan Smyth heading to the Leafs, this seems to be the Leafs #1 target this off season with the backline all shored up pending Colaiacovo's signing which should be done shortly, what seems to escape many people's minds is that the Leafs are also looking to add some much needed grit to the lineup with the possibilty of the cap moving above $50M this could help the Leafs to also add some key components to the lineup. Peca could be back if he takes a pay cut but the Leafs also have some other gritty players out there with Scott Walker, Scott Hartnell (who is 25), Gary Roberts and Martin Gelinas available. Hartnell falls under the new NHL rules for unrestricted free agency and whomever lands him will have a player who has not even reached his prime and is coming off a 22 goal season. Hartnell-Peca-Tucker would be a line that would play havoc against the opposition. The Leafs will be in hot pursuit of some key components this offseason as they look to end their playoff skid this season and you cant go wrong with scoring and grit as the Ducks showed in these playoffs. The Leafs will also need to add a backup goaltender and some rumours out there have the Leafs talking to Mika Noronen the former Sabres goaltender who would give Raycroft a push for the #1 spot and a little friendly competition would only be good for the team and goaltenders. So hang in there Leaf fans as the Leafs are in the hunt this off season the only question is who will they be reeling in?
June 12, 2007 2:04 PM ET | Delete
Hartnall would be great, but Toskala would be a better choice because he's a proven Goalie. The price is right also
June 13, 2007 10:11 AM ET | Delete
I think the Leafs should sign Mika Noronen. He could possibly steal the number 1 job and be this year's Nicklas Backstrom. With his goal scoring ability, maybe the Leafs wouldn't need another forward...lol, jk...Another player I think the Leafs should inquire about, who hasn't been receiving much attention, is Ruslan Fedotenko. Maybe he could have some chemistry with his fellow Ukrainian.
June 13, 2007 11:49 AM ET | Delete
How about Bertuzzi for $1mil? Seems he brings about as much grit as you can get out there, and I wouldnt be shocked if he pops in 15-20 goals...
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