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I have to say that watching the Leafs this season has been exciting, the team skates, it is now scoring and more importantly winning some games. This could mean its time to plan the Stanley Cup parade route, all joking aside i don't expect very much from this squad but that may be part of the reason i enjoy watching them so much this season. There is one thing that i have not enjoyed this season and that has been #19 Dominic Moore. I know some of you might be thinking what is this guy talking about, Moore skates hard, goes into the corners, kills penalties admirably and is even one of the alternate captains of this young squad but folks Moore has the syndrome. I have been lucky to have watched all the games this season to date and even a couple live. I first noticed the syndrome during game 2 of the year when the Leafs took on the Habs but didn't think too much of it at that time since the Leafs were down quite a few goals but it has continued ever since. Moore has been involved in at least seven 2 on 1 opportunities this season and folks on every single occasion he has shot the puck, Moore has the syndrome. I soon decided to do some research as it was possible that Moore may have scored 30 or more goals for some other NHL club that i didn't know about but that wasn't the case Moore has a total of 25 goals in 239 games played with the most scored being 9 in one season. I then though it may be possible that Moore was a big scorer in junior, again i did some research to find that Moore did score 64 goals while playing for Harvard in the NCAA in just 128 games played. Moore must have been on Team Canada's World Junior roster but after some intensive research found that Moore was never on any Canadian junior squad, now thats a bummer but maybe Moore is a scorer but wait dont scorers usually play on the top two lines in the NHL? I don't recall seeing Iginla, Nash or Ovechkin playing on the fourth line with their squads do you? I got it Ron Wilson is a genius his master plan is to place Moore on the fourth line as teams wont bother try to have their best checkers cover Moore this must be it..... but i think that it may be quite possible that Moore isnt a sniper, that he isn't even much of a scorer, so Dominic Moore the next time you have a 2 on 1 pass the puck you HOG and get over this syndrome.

For those of you wondering Moore has not scored once on the 2 on 1.
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November 11, 2008 3:59 PM ET | Delete
you're completely wrong .
November 13, 2008 3:40 PM ET | Delete
And forcing passes is a solid route, maybe he's shooting because they're expecting him to pass. Honestly Moore has impressed me this season. He is one of the hardest skaters on the team and goals and numbers aren't the complete package. ECAC All Rookie Team 2000, ECAC First All Star Team 2001, NCAA East First All-American Team 2003 not a bad collection of honors.
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