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So another trade deadline has come and gone, with alot more trades then was expected on my part, now we will select 3 teams that we see as winners and 3 teams that we see as losers based on todays trades not on what picks might bring you down the road.


Dallas- The Stars picked up one of the bigger names at the deadline picking up Brad Richards a player that plays well in the playoffs and with better wingers should produce more then he has in Tampa. The Stars are Cup contenders.

Pittsburgh- The Penguins pick up Marian Hossa an impact player along with Pascal Dupuis and stay at home defensemen Hal Gill while giving up two players from their current roster. Hossa will good along Crosby or Malkin, the Penguins are Cup Contenders.

Washington- The Caps pick up Huet from the Habs and will help shore up the shaddy goaltending Kolzig provided this season also picked up Federov who should being energized playing with Ovechkin or Semin, Matt Cooke a decent checker from Vancouver while swapping minor leaguers and acquiring for QMJHL 50 goal scorer Alex Giroux from Atlanta. Caps will fight for playoff spot.


Montreal- Give up their starting goalkeeper in Huet and hand the rains to 20 yr old Carey Price. Is he ready? also failed to add scoring up front as was required for long playoff push.

Buffalo- Let go one of better defensemen in the NHL for a 1st Round pick and Steven Bernier, this should look good for the Sabres down the road but at present places a big hole on the blueline as they fight for playoff spot.

Columbus- Was in the Richards hunt, once they lost out on him decided to trade away there captain Adam Foote to Colorado and Federov to Washington, losing two leaders will hurt them with there playoff fight.

Who do you think are deadline days Winners and Losers?
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February 26, 2008 7:59 PM ET | Delete
Wild (my team) = LOSERS!
February 26, 2008 8:47 PM ET | Delete
NSH (my team) broke even..... we neither risked much nor did we gain much....
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