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The Maple Leafs blow a third period lead.... where have we heard that before to lose in overtime by a 4-3 score to the Sens. The Leafs did play a good game but were let down on this night by an awful powerplay that went 0 for 7. McCabe and Kaberle seemed to forgot the season had started on this night and looked like very average defensemen, just one goal would have given the Buds the 2 points.
In a game that had some playoff buzz to it, shows the hatred that has built up between both teams and this was a very entertaining game, even Raycroft was sharp when he had to be in this game which for Raycroft is a very unusual thing to see, maybe just maybe having Toskala around will improve his game and the both will benefit from one another in a friendly competition for the #1 spot.
The Blake-Sundin-Antropov line looked like it has the potential to be a decent first unit picking up 5 points between the three of them with Antropov scoring 2 goals.
While the line of Stajan-Steen-Ponikarovsky had a lot of jump with Stajan picking up the other Maple Leaf goal on this nite. Andy Wozniewski filling in for an injured Colaiacovo chipped in two assists.

The Leafs and Sens get right back to action tomorrow night in Ottawa and i would be very surprised to not see Toskala between the pipes and since this game was a feisty one look for Belak to be in the lineup with one of Battaglia, Devereaux or Newbury sitting out.

If tomorrows game is anything like tonights then we will all be in for a good show, hopefully the outcome will be different.

Leafs Three Stars: 1- Nik Antropov 2- Mats Sundin 3- Andy Wozniewski
October 3, 2007 11:28 PM ET | Delete
The Leafs deserved to win that game.
October 4, 2007 12:48 AM ET | Delete
McCabe and Kaberle looked like average defensemen because they are average defensemen. They can put up some points but they can't defend, especially McCabe. Stop living in denile leafs fans.
October 4, 2007 2:07 PM ET | Delete
The Leafs gave it there all, it still wasn't good enough to beat a far superior Sens team. At least they weren't blow out. What has to be frustrating for the Leafs is that then Sens only needed 25 minutes of solid hockey to win, the rest of the game I thought the were trying to be far too cute, trying fancy dekes on 1 on 1's etc. Does the Leafs use goalie 2A or 2B tonight, I thought Raycroft was good enough for the Leafs to win and deserves another start tonight because they certainly don't want poor Vesa to loss his confidence by playing him.
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