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This is a funny city we seem to live in, the same media who bad mouths the Leafs when they don't sign a free agent or make the better trade or are not able to win more games against Montreal or Ottawa now has turned their attention to wanting the Leafs to tank and finish last in the league.
I find it ridiculous that in reading a couple of daily papers, last night's game against the Islanders was being labeled as a Leafs must lose game. These writers must have never picked up a hockey stick in their lives or played on any competitive team sport, why else would they come up with such a notion. We know the Leafs are not the best team in the league, we have also found out that they are not the worst. These players that step on the ice have something called PRIDE and HONOR in what they do and to expect players to step on the ice and not give it their all is to expect the unthinkable, anyone who goes out and plays a sport goes out to win not lose its that simple and if there was any player on your team that wasn't giving it his all or wanting to tank. I'm sure many of us would give this type of player a good earful if not something a little more severe. There are Leaf fans who would also love to see the team tank so we can get closer to the top 2 spots in the draft but the fact is that it isn't going to happen we aren't that terrible and to the disappointment of many Leafs fans we don't have the assets to trade up the draft into the top 2 spots and land either John Tavares or Victor Hedman but one thing to look forward to is that this is a deep draft and with players like Evander Kane, Brayden Schenn, Nazem Kadri, Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, Jared Cowan, Matt Duchene, Jordan Schneider and Dmitri Kulikov possibly rounding out the Top 10 the Leafs should be able to draft a quality future prospect in this draft. The sad think is that this word "tank" will continue to pop up as the season winds down and for all you Leaf fans that want to see this what your basically saying is you want to see this team quit and do you actually believe that by obtaining JT or Hedman we will be battling for a playoff spot next season? We require alot more moves then just that. Let this team develop as bad as they look some nights their is that sense of hope as this team grows and doesn't quit and sometimes you just need to lose before you learn to win
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I watched the London Knights play the Guelph Storm and Kadri was the best player on either team... Tavares did score, but it was Kadri that seemed to really generate offense with his superior footspeed and tenacity.
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Burkie is a master of draft day trades - I'm sure all Leaf fans will be happy come July 2nd
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Its true Dave he is I fully expect that the Leafs will be competitive with Didimenico probably ready to join the team next year and the high end crop of UFA talent there is no reason we couldn't see a Philadelphia type turn around.
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