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The Maple Leafs have quieted the media and the naysayers for now, by going on a 4 game winning streak which they hope to carry on with tonight but does this mean that the team should not make a deal if there is one out there that can strengthen the club? According to Eck the Leafs are shopping Kaberle around a very bad move if you ask me but the team does need to improve their defense so a Kaberle for Marleau as has been the rumour doesnt really cover our needs or are the trying to find a center to replace Sundin?. We have been showed that if every player steps up their defensive responsibility on this team that the Leafs can play a sound defense but lets not fool ourselves as the past two wins have had more to do with Toskala's stellar play then a defensive gem. The Leafs do have players some teams covet, there is Kaberle (who i wouldnt let go), there is Tucker or Blake as well as Raycroft who no one wants. Sundin would fetch us a few decent players but the last thing we want to do unless we are far out come trade deadline time is get rid of our captain. Then there is Antropov who is finally living up to his draft pick status and could we not get more for this often injured forward then we can right now? This is the gem in all trade talks and if we can obtain a stud defensemen this is the man we will have to deal, Do any agree? Last but not least i would love to see McCabe off this team but the no anything clauses he has prevents us from doing a dam thing without his approval.
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December 8, 2007 2:28 PM ET | Delete
The Leafs don't need to make a deal for a badly underachieving Patrick Marleau. The cost of acquiring Marleau would likely be more than just Kaberle and would likely require the Leafs to part with Stajan, Steen, Wellwood, or Ponikarovsky. Seeing as all those players are on pace with or exceeding Marleau's production... it'd be a tough sell...I, personally, don't really see the point in making a move just to make a move... if they wanted to acquire a real defensive blueliner, they would almost certainly have to move some bodies on the back end. Ian White is a potential departure as he hasn't looked as good as last year and has Strahlman and Kronwall breathing down his back...
December 9, 2007 2:06 AM ET | Delete
Will Mark Recchi's name be mentioned in the mix? I tell you, Toronto is so cheap, but most profitable in the NHL. Ferguson, spend money to make championships. If you're going to go for the Cup, spend some dough on some talent. If it's broke, then fix it. The inconsistency of the Leafs' play needs to be addressed, or Ferg should get the ax. I'm beginning to lean away from placing blame on Maurice, and more on the end of JFJ. Jr must go if he doesn't make a move soon. Otherwise, this team will miss the playoffs and end up in 9th place, yet again.
December 10, 2007 3:08 PM ET | Delete
i actually think the team is a Stanley cup contender if they can maintain that offense while being a defensively responsible at the same time.
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