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Alex Ponikarovsky also know as Poni in Toronto has scored 60 goals the past three season for Toronto but does not seem to get understand the concept of keep your stick down. Poni took another lazy penalty against the Rangers last night because he stopped moving his feet, thanks to the stellar play of Toskala the Leafs managed to get a point out of another shootout loss but no thanks to Poni. Ponikarovsky found himself glued to the bench as Stajan formerly in coach Wilson's doghouse took the Ukraine's spot on the first line with Antropov and Blake. Poni will soon find out that this is not Quinn or Maurice quickly if he continues to take bad penalties he is good for at least a dozen or more a season. Poni if any remembers is the same Leaf who coasted against Carolina instead of shooting into an empty net, got his pocket picked, the Canes tied the game and won it in overtime, its enough to rip all your hair out. Poni stop with the lazy play you can be a very effective player when you have your head in the game and move your feet, its not that hard just one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be flying across the ice. It isnt that hard will Poni every get it?
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Trade both Antropov and Poni...NOW!
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