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Brian Burke steps in front of the media last week and comes right out and lets everyone know that he is targeting John Tavares the potential first overall pick in this years NHL entry draft. Leaf fans jump for joy but when you sit back and think about it, what would the Leafs give up for the #1 overall pick. The guess here is at least two first rounders this years and next and possibly Schenn and a roster player, a reasonable asking price for the first overall pick. The though here is its not going to happen especially with the Islanders looking at a new stadium and the potential revenue in selling this kids jerseys. Brian Burke is looking like a magician dangling for Tavares with one hand and working the phones with the other. Is it possibly that Burke is bluffing while he works on another deal at the draft, i for one think so. The logical spot that Burke may be going after is the #2 overall pick, with Tampa in shambles laying off staff and looking to unload players to get closer to the bottom half of the salary cap this is where Burke might be able to work some magic. The Leafs could offer Tampa their 1st pick, their 2nd pick and a possible prospect or two in Stralman or Tlusty and grab Tampa's 2nd Overall pick and absorb a contract from Tampa which would most likely be that of Ryan Malone's at 4.5 million until 2014-15 or Andrej Meszaros signed at 4 million a season until 2013-14. Whatever one it was, it would be a decent addition to the team but this would mean the end of Kubina in Toronto who should be easy to unload with 1 year remaining on his contract at 5 million and if not then Burke can always buy him out. The next step would be to see what Burke will do with that 2nd Overall pick, would he pick big Swedish defensemen Victor Hedman who could be a force to reckon with and paired with Luke Schenn in the back end can be a scary 1-2 to face for years to come or will he take Brampton center Matt Duchene who is having himself a great OHL playoffs and currently does have one more point then Tavares. The Leafs need a few impact young players and a trade with Tampa could be in the works and questions of who? when? and how? will persist until something is done. In the mean time let's enjoy his song and dance on Tavares it could be the biggest illusion since Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear.
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