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After getting the announcement of the salary cap today and it going up a whopping 6 million dollars this has made things alot more interesting as teams scrabble around looking to see who they can get and who they can unload. The Leafs are in a very interesting position with around 9 million in cap room to use this offseason the interesting part of this whole time is that all hockey fans seem to get into a frenzy wondering what their team will do this off season, being a Maple Leaf fan i have some ideas that i think would be great for the Leafs and it is possible without unloading any current players on their roster.

1) Forget about Ryan Smyth he is going to be looking for around 6.5 million and all though a heart and soul player, what we need is scoring and who better out their available then Paul Kariya he is a few years older but can this guy skate. Sundin-Kariya im loving just thinking about it, Kariya can be had for about 5 million maybe 5.5 million.

2) The Leafs go after Ladislav Nagy a talented winger who in the right situation can thrive, Nagy is 28 yrs old and a 3 time 20 goal man, he wouldn't cost much and can possibly be had for 2 million to 2.5 million

3) The Leafs go after two little known players who can be had for peanuts Chicago's Jeff Hamilton, the crafty centreman scored 18 goals last season and is 29 years old. Signing would cost the team $1 million, if this doesnt materialize then the Leafs could go after Sabres farmhand Michael Ryan the right winger scored 28 goals in 50 games with Rochester and could start on many NHL clubs he is young at 27 years and the Leafs could have him with a one way contract in the range of $750,000.

So lets say the Leafs are able to pull off a coup and pickup Kariya, Nagy and Ryan they would be adding roughly 8 million to their payroll and have a little wiggle room under the cap. I know this is wishful thinking but just trying to get an idea of how the Leafs could work the cap and still add some skilled players to their roster.

The big question is if the Leafs can rid themselves of Kubina's contract or get McCabe to waive his no trade clause they would add another 5 to 6 million in cap space and now wouldn't that make things real interesting.
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June 30, 2007 1:41 AM ET | Delete
From the numbers I've seen the Leafs currently have about $6.5 of cap space left. Minus 1 mil for wiggle room leaves $5.5 so unless a large contract such as Kubinas get's moved I don't see all that happening.
June 30, 2007 10:55 AM ET | Delete
Remember teams can go up to 10% over the Cap until the season begins, the Leafs currently have over $44 million used up and can go up to $55 million thats about $9 to $10 million that they have to play with
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