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To all Leaf fans around the world, dont you just hate seeing our beloved Maple Leafs lose especially in a tight affair to our hated rivals Les Canadiens. I know i do, i like most Leaf fans would love to see the Leafs go 82-0 in a season but nothing could be further from the truth, though the Leafs do try and try but continue to give away all the points that they can. The Leafs ill fortunes can be traced back to two words and no not those two words but i did think them, but the words "BRAIN CRAMPS". How this team continues to make blunders at the worst times in the game baffles all fans around the globe, im sure Raycroft wont be getting McCabe any Xmas gifts this season, while McCabe may as well dress up as jolly old St. Nick and prance down Yonge Street at this years annual parade with all the presents he has giving to opposing teams this season. The Leafs sit 29th in the league on powerplays and now not only can they not score, they also seem to have a hard time hitting the net, just ask St. Nick (McCabe) who tees up bullets only to have the glass ducking, i guess at this time of year that might be him signally good old Rudolph to come in and guide his shot tonight. The Leafs have blown leads in the third too many times this season, they have made the ACC just like the North Pole where Santa has his workshop a real fun time for opposing teams to come and play, why else would we continue to see the other teams backup goalies as starters rest for a worthwhile opponent, you would think that Leafs would pepper these goalies but alas the team is just so nice and prefer to give the teams a chance after all, its always a jolly good time at the ACC. You would think that the Leafs would rather give their fans a win on home ice, a playoff appearance or maybe just maybe a Stanley Cup, but alas the Leafs seem to only want to give to other NHL teams.

Where is good ol Ebenezer Scrooge when you need him?
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November 14, 2007 2:58 PM ET | Delete
i cannot stand McCabe anymore...he certainly is not playing NHL hockey, and he does not deserve NHL money....Ferguson, you made a giant mistake, either put him away to the Marlies, buy his contract out, or convince him to waive his NTC
November 14, 2007 4:50 PM ET | Delete
i agree mccabe definitely needs a change in scenery how about afinogenov for mccabe don't want to annoy anyone with this, but vote for the woz
November 14, 2007 5:14 PM ET | Delete
The All-Star Voting is now on:VOTE FOR ANDREW. HE WOULD VOTE FOR YOU(Raycroft)
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