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Brian Burke the Leafs general manager finds himself in a very interesting position as he tries to reshape this roster, rumours continue to swirl that he will move just about anyone on this roster but is not only open to taking on big contracts if they include some draft picks but also some key players to help speed up this rebuilding plan. Burke would love to be able to land a Top 6 forward in the coming weeks as well as a stud defensemen but this is easier said then done but after seeing this weeks trade between the Sens and Isles and Ottawa giving up a first rounder in a trade for marginal less players then what the Leafs have to offer, may have just increased the price to pay for a Kaberle, Antropov or Toskala. Lets look at what would be a fair trade for the Leafs most coveted players with the teams that are potentially buyers this deadline.

Tomas Kaberle who i feel is a Top 10 offensive defensemen in the league for those of you who don't think so you must agree he is definitely a Top 15. Kaberle should garner the Leafs a 1st round pick is all but guaranteed but what else may the Leafs be interested in for him?

Pittsburgh Deal- 1st Round Pick and either F-Jordan Staal or D-Brooks Orpik

Montreal Deal- 1st Round Pick, F- Brock Trotter and D-PK Subban

Calgary Deal- 1st Round Pick, F-Matthew Lombardi and F-Dustin Boyd

New Jersey Deal- 1st Round Pick, 4th Round Pick and F-John Madden

Washington Deal- 1st Round Pick, 2nd Round Pick and F-Dmitri Kugryshev

Nik Antropov has just scored his second 20 goal season in a row and seems to be getting better with age, easily a top 6 forward on many NHL teams. Potential 30 goal scorer even 40 with right centermen.

Pittsburgh Deal- 2nd Round Pick and D-Ryan Whitney

Vancouver Deal- 1st Round Pick and F-Michael Grabner

Washington Deal- 1st Round Pick and 3rd Round Pick

Columbus Deal- 3rd Round Pick and G-Dan Lacosta

Vesa Toskala will need to play as he has the last couple of games to have a taker Burke does not seem to thrilled with him as a goalie so look for him to see if their is any interest out there. Toskala could get back to his San Jose form with a sound defense in front of him.

Detroit Deal- 2nd Round Pick and F- Jiri Hudler

Minnesota Deal- G Niklas Backstrom

Philadelphia Deal- F-Claude Giroux and D- Ryan Parent

Dominic Moore has had a breakout year and looks to have lit a fire under Jason Blake. Moore will be offered a contract but if he waivers look for Burke to send him packing as his value may never be higher.

Vancouver Deal- 3rd Round Pick, 5th Round Pick

Dallas Deal- 3rd Round Pick, 5th Round Pick

Detroit Deal- 3rd Round Pick, 5th Round Pick

The Leafs could move up to 10 players off their roster if the right valued trades were offered but these 4 players look to be the players that could be gone come deadline time. This is always an exciting time of the year not only gor Leafs fans but for all hockey fans but mark my words as the Ottawa trade has shown us, teams will be overpaying this deadline how much we will find out March 4, 20009.
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