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The Leafs have traded away another two players from the non playoff clubs of the past three seasons, we can say goodbye to Steen and Colaiacovo as they pack their bags and head over to St. Louis while the Leafs get Lee Stempniak the 25 year old former 27 goal scorer. The Leafs who are getting closer and closer to the Brian Burke era seem to be content on a complete makeover from what all Leaf fans were accustomed to seeing in the everyday lineup over the years. The question going through many Leaf fans minds at this time is what move will be next and should i wait before i decide to get a name on the back of my jersey, with all joking aside this could be the start of a few more moves with Burke on the way in and looking to make an immediate impact on the team. Burke does not have any attachment to any of the players on the current roster and may be willing to move another famaliar face or two and remember Leaf fans Burke is not big on a roster that has too many non North Americans, some Leafs who could be on there way out of town is Jason Blake for starters a trade may not happen with his large salary but #55 on the back of a Marlie jersey is a definate possiblility. The other Leafs who may also be on his way out of town are Antropov an upcoming UFA his value has never been higher then it is at the moment. Ponikarovsky who shows up every other game is another player who may see his days numbered in Leafland. The only other question im thinking is will the Leafs be willing to move Kaberle who based on how Toskala is playing so far this season is probably the only Leaf who would be able to get the team a 1st rounder and blue chip prospect in return which is a very tempting scenerio. This is fall and the Leafs are a changing lets hope its for the better.
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November 25, 2008 12:29 AM ET | Delete
Good deal for the leafs... I always hoped Steen would turn it around but it did not happen and I never expected Colaiacovo to be a regular in the leafs Line up and he probably will get banged up pretty bad in the West now.
November 25, 2008 7:03 PM ET | Delete
I am very happy about the move. It's also more fair to Carlo to give him a fresh start. I liked both guys but I think I will enjoy Stemps offensive more. Antropov really does need to be moved and I've wanted ponikarovsky out for a while... he's way too inconsistant and European...GO LEAFS!
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