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All-Star Break Time
It sure has been a long time since the Flyers have been this consistent for the entire season to this point. For while they would start great, struggle around the holidays and then finish the season. Those down segments of the season would always cost the team a playoff position or seed for the run towards the elusive title.
Jack Adams Winner
This year has been very different. Laviolette must get major consideration for coach of the year due to his handling of a very deep roster. He has players playing hard and accountable for every shift. This is something that all players must love. Regardless of who you are, if you do not play with the team’s goal in mind, he will call you on it. If you take bad penalties, you will hear from him. If you miss defensive roles, he will change your ice time.
Rumor Mill
If you read the rumor mill around the league there are two big name (and past their prime) guys that disappointing teams want to move now. First is JS Giguere. He was a great goalie but cannot help the Maple Leafs and has a huge contract. Why would Philly be interested in this guy if they have to mortgage current depth to add a goalie that is not as solid as either current goalie on the roster. Second is Jerome Iginla. This is a guy that plays huge minutes and is not producing on Calgary. Again he was a great winger, but is now slower and much less of a factor in the NHL. Why would Philly want to mortgage guys to add a player that has to play on the top 2 lines. Who would sit? Carter? Giroux? Leino? Briere? Hartnell? JVR? And those 6 are assuming that Richards line is the 3rd line.
Current Roster
Right now every player on the Flyers with the exception of Chris Pronger, Matt Walker, and Jody Shelley can really skate well. Pronger is a genius with his body position and rarely, if ever, needs to move quickly to make anything happen. This roster is extremely productive and unless there is a major injury to a key player before the trade deadline, the Flyers should just watch everyone else try to catch the Philly team. The only moves that Philly should evaluate are ones that will help bolster the Phantoms.

The Flyers have 10 productive forwards. The other 3 are role players that kill penalties and provide energy. On defense the Flyers are blessed with 6 solid defensemen and 2 additional defensemen that are serviceable for short bursts. The top 6 can play against any line and in any situation. Each pair has at least one quality puck mover and can provide offense from everyone except Sean O’Donnell. The Flyers have a great young goalie in Bob and a smart capable backup in Boucher. Both guys can play for long stretches and with the makeup of this team can produce strings of wins.

What’s next?
So the job after the fiasco known as the All-Star game is to maintain the energy and move towards the playoffs healthy and playing great hockey. I really see this team continuing to win at this clip and finish the regular season either at or near the top for the President’s Trophy. The players on this team have proven to be clutch over the last few seasons in the playoffs and I hope to be watching winning hockey into JUNE!!!

Good Night and Good Hockey!
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January 26, 2011 7:01 PM ET | Delete
how can you say that iggy is not producing. he is averaging almost a point a game. i think he is 16th on the overall point list. can you say no clue?
January 26, 2011 7:49 PM ET | Delete
When your a contender and a Cup hopeful. You don't sit on your laurels and jsut think your the best smugly. The team in the NFL across the street does that. If an oppurtunity to improve your team comes along, you consider it. The team who is tops in the regular Season has really won nothing. Why do you think that top teams always look to make moves at the deadline? Try to catch the Philly team LOL. The race doesn't even start until the playoffs start. That's totally the wrong way to approach it.
January 26, 2011 9:30 PM ET | Delete
I agree that the Flyers goal tending is good and that the Flyers shouldn't move a top 6 player for Iginla. However, there is one piece on the team that concerns me and that's Zherdev. When he wants to play he's great, but then disappears. I hope Lavvy can get Zherdev to consistently play at the level he is capable of or else trade him for a defensive forward to sure up the pk.
January 27, 2011 5:09 AM ET | Delete
I did not say "sit on their laurels". I said that this team does not need either of these two rumored aging superstars. Winning the President's trophy is key to home ice advantage in the playoffs and the Flyers want teams to have to start playing in Philly and that if needed - game 7 will be there too. Since the trophy started in 1985, the winner of it has won the Cup 9 times, so there is not a guarantee or a jinx of winning this award.
January 27, 2011 5:09 AM ET | Delete
FTo the trade deadline deals, name me the last key player that delivered a Cup to a team with a trade deadline deal. Ron Francis in Pittsburgh? That was 20 years ago. My point was that with the Phantoms struggling that Philly should be restocking the AHL team so that even more depth is available.
January 27, 2011 12:53 PM ET | Delete
Phigment, when your a contender and you make a deal at the deadline, your not looking for a player "to deliver a Cup". Your simply looking to bolster your lineup. And if your a team in the position the Flyers are in there this year, if there's a deal that you think helps you, you make. Regardless of what's happened with other teams. And I suggest you review your history of teams who have added key players and won Cups.
January 27, 2011 9:46 PM ET | Delete
Just wanted to mention that although Iggy might not be for the Flyers, he is actually playing very well since the early season slump he had. 1st 15 games...2G 5A 7Pts -7...LAST 36 games 20G, 20A, -2...40 points in 36 games with 20 goals -those are very good numbers...that's a a 91 point pace with 45 goals (over 82 games)
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