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Once again the unbalanced schedule by the NHL has some teams playing many more games than others at this point in the season. At times it gives very unrealistic views of teams. For example, the Senators have 16 points (as of 11/9/09) and appear out of the playoff picture at the moment, when in fact which has gathered those points in just 14 games. By reorganizing the standings based on points gathers per game played. Shown here are the standings sorted by this new statistic.

New Jersey 15 11 4 0 22 1.4667
Pittsburgh 17 12 5 0 24 1.4118
Washington 17 10 3 4 24 1.4118
Buffalo 14 9 4 1 19 1.3571
Philadelphia 14 9 4 1 19 1.3571
NY Rangers 18 10 7 1 21 1.1667
Ottawa 14 7 5 2 16 1.1429
Tampa Bay 15 6 4 5 17 1.1333
Atlanta 14 7 6 1 15 1.0714
NY Islanders 17 6 6 5 17 1.0000
Boston 16 7 7 2 16 1.0000
Montreal 17 8 9 0 16 0.9412
Florida 15 5 9 1 11 0.7333
Toronto 15 3 7 5 11 0.7333
Carolina 16 2 11 3 7 0.4375

I know that not every team will play the same number of games each week. But when one team has played 18 games and most of the teams have played 3 or 4 games less, that is a huge discrepancy.
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