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Well getting 4 points over the weekend without Richards and Upshall is huge for the boys from Philly. Coming back to beat what has been the best squad in the NHL after being down 3-1 with the depleted lineup should turnaround the team. Then going to Atlanta and beating Atlanta (as Forrest Gump would say).... again to validate the win in Boston was even bigger. If ever there was a trap game, this was it. Hopefully the team can get healthy over the next few days before the real stretch run kicks off.

First the good news. Claude Giroux is an NHL player now. He along with Scott Upshall and Daniel Briere will be a top quality line for the Flyers. This group will create matchup problems for every team in the league. The Flyers top 9 might be the best rotation in the league. Also the defense group is as deep as any team in the league is healthy. Ryan Parent also looks ready to play NHL and needs to find the ice for the Flyers.

Now the real problem with the team. Biron has not been good for most of the season. In fact he has looked bad on many short side shots (reminding me of Beezer - plays good for periods than loses concentration on successive shots to allow goals in multiples of two!). I for one, am very confident that the Flyers can go deep in the playoffs again this year since the team is so deep, however I think Nitty will be the top goalie this year. He has out played Marty for much of the year.
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February 9, 2009 8:26 AM ET | Delete
I'm starting to agree that Niity has played better over the course of the whole season. The team seems to play more confidently in front of him as well. Frankly, the team has let down Biron as much has Biron has let down the team. Biron is a well liked guy in the locker room so that isn't the source of the disparity in team play. Here is to hoping we get the Silver Metal/Olympic MVP Niity, and not the weak glove hand/big rebound Niity
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Gotta go with Frank
February 9, 2009 3:33 PM ET | Delete
Down one double cheese. ;o)
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