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Flyers vs Stars
The recent play by the Flyers is the way this team was built to be played. Laviolette has provided the players with stability in the lineup and with some time to adjust to the new system, the players have responded. Tonight they drubbed Dallas 6-3 and the game was not that close. Dallas scored 2 goals in the last 9 minutes to get 3. The Stars look in disarray and the Flyers are clicking on all cylinders. Tonight however, the Flyers suffered a few injuries with Syvret taking a big hit early in the game, forcing the Flyers to play all but one minute of the game with 5 defensemen. This check was not clean as Syvret was boarded by Ott from a long way from the wall. It was more the case that Ott had much more size and leverage on Danny and took advantage of the situation. Hartnell was hurt in the first period, returned for the second, but didn’t play much in the third period.

Goaltending – 3 is a crowd
Leighton was pretty much unchallenged and played solid. While the team has played well with him in goal, once Emery is sharp, he is a much superior goalie. Leighton has had some strange pucks get through him and somehow miss the net behind him or a defenseman clear the puck. Emery was playing like one of the top goalies in the league before his injury. If you look at the numbers, Leighton actually has a lower save percentage and higher goals against than Boucher or Emery. My vote is to trade Leighton for a later round pick and leverage his value while it is at it’s peak.

More Pittsburgh Fallout
To everyone that complains about calls and referee calls and tells me and other Flyers fans that we are whining – this one is 100% legit. FSN Pittsburgh INTENTIALLY withheld video evidence of a goal in the recent Flyers vs Penguins game. http://sports.espn.go.com...nhl/news/story?id=4820756 This story is so real – EVEN ESPN has a story about it.

There is a long-standing dislike of Philly in many cities and the FSN Pittsburgh crew is definitely in the top spot for hating the Flyers. Just last year the TV broadcast crew made a comment how they dislike Scott Hartnell and they “hoped he was really hurt”. Just like school in the summer time – NO CLASS! This recent incident just cements their number 1 spot in the Flyers haters. I watch about 95% of the Flyers games hearing the opposition broadcasters. In my personal opinion the other broadcast teams in the top 5 of Flyers haters are Buffalo, New Jersey, Boston, and finally Florida. I must give all the Canadian broadcast teams are the most objective crews in the sport. They collectively call the game with a level of respect that does not exist with any of the USA based broadcast crews.
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January 12, 2010 11:13 PM ET | Delete
Yeah...that was terrible...withholding the video is just plain wrong. But the broadcast team and the producers aren't the same people...and in that game the broadcasters actually eluded to how the Flyers got ripped off. The producer has been removed from his position at FSN.
January 13, 2010 8:48 AM ET | Delete
I would go with Leighton and trade Boucher or at least try to pass him through waivers. I don't like how Boosh flops, once he's down he's out and most of the time a goal is scored.the question i have about the replay is how many other times has this been done? A nice fine is still fitting in this case and if the Flyers did the same I would want a suspension and a fine to the broadcast crew and team as well.
January 13, 2010 10:43 AM ET | Delete
I can't disagree about a fine...but why fine the team? I can see how it would send a message to other local networks, but it also implies the team did something wrong...and in this case, I don't think there is any indication of that, is there?
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