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Coyotes Sale

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Why can't people understand that the Coyote franchise is on the hook for $750+ Million in lease dues for the arena under the financing of the arena. The league cannot move the team to the Eastern Conference at this late date. Image a trip for the LA Kings to Dallas, Phoenix, and then Denver. Now that trip would be to Dallas, Toronto, and Colorado. Not very fair to teams in the West. The travel impact would be awful, especially on the Coyotes.

The other problem is that Mr Balsillie is trying to circumvent the rules of the NHL owners. This is not a you own the team and that is all. You are technically 1/30th owner of the league and must play by the rules of the group. If you piss off the other 29 Billionaires, you will not get anywhere. If Mr Balsillie wants an NHL team here is a plan for him.

Make Blackberry the sponsor of NHL. Pay big bucks to the league and become an "insider". Become a good guy and when the league is ready to sell the Coyotes he would be in position to buy the team. Then I suggest not moving the team into the Toronto area. Move them to Western Canada or if the league is successful, keep them in Phoenix. Hell you might get a chance to put in a group to buy the Leafs, Senators, Canadiens, Sabres. Be smart and patient and PLAY THEIR GAME!

Trust me Mr Balsillie, if you treat Billionaires like dirt, they will return the favor. Don't be shocked that not one person voted in favor of your more than generous offer.
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