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Flyers Notes

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Wow are the Flyers playing well. They look like they did at the end of last season. All of this without Briere too! I am just speculating here, but if they have to move salary, I think Briere is a possible. Knuble serves a role on the team, as does Upshall. Briere is a scorer and with Carter, Gagne, Knuble, Richards, etc. we don't really need scoring. If that shifty type player is needed, perhaps Giroux can join the NHL late in the season, but I really think that moving the lines around to fit Briere is a mistake. When Danny comes back, play him with Lupul and Upshall. Give him the power play time, but the top two lines are rolling right now! Briere does add ALOT to the power play where he is quite a force, but 5 on 5 he is not the same level point producer.

As for the defense, I am not sure how to bring Jones and Parent back into the lineup. Maybe move Alberts for a pick, but who sits? Sbisa? He has played to well to be bumped. Leave Parent with the Phantoms where he can play big minutes? While Sbisa cannot play for the Phantoms by rule.

Homer pulled another fast one! How did he trade Eminger and Downie away for Carle? Was Carle that bad for Tampa Bay? Amazing trade! Looks almost as lopsided as the Zhitnik for Coburn deal! I wonder if Homer can hypnotize other GM's at the time of a trade?
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November 27, 2008 12:46 PM ET | Delete
Someone posted the Flyers' record with and without Briere, and they are better without him. It is strange...Carle's play has practically made Jones the expendable one; he'll have to see some ice time to have any value, unless Homer can work his voodoo on someone and they take him 'as is'...Eminger seems to be holding his own in Tampa Bay. Good for him...Good job, Phig. Always enjoy reading. :-)
November 27, 2008 7:30 PM ET | Delete
Briere has a NTC. He's not going anywhere.
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