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The Flyers need to start taking the puck into traffic and creating offense. The last few games things have been way to fancy in the offensive zone. Also play more physical in the defensive zone.

Period 1:
Greentree - Cater - Knuble
Cote - Dowd - Kapenen
Umberger - Briere - Lupul
Hartnell - Richards - Downie

Timonen - Vandermeer
Jones - Hatcher
Smith - Kuukonen

Flyers 1st powerplay - this team relies on the PP to generate most of their offense and confidence. Need to get it back on track. The 2nd unit misses Coburn already. He has really blossomed into a soon-to-be elite defenseman. No good chances at all. Nitty playing well. Good rebound control on the shots so far. Good chance with Carter and Knuble - looked like it was in live. Flyers are taking the puck to the slot and driving the net tonight. Flyers 2nd Powerplay - gotta get some puck control this time. Not only is the ice bad on the Island, but the rink and boards are bad too. Lots of bad bounces. Looks like Witt hurt his knee on the collision while trying to hit Hartnell.

Just a note to Versus - it's too early to list the seed numbers on the scoreboard!!!

Bad coverage by the Briere line and Hatcher/Jones allowed a jam goal by the Islanders. 1-0 Islanders. END OF 1st PERIOD

2nd Period:
Nice job by Versus having both backup goalies on mics! Powerplay goal by Flyers. Briere gets one. 1-1 now.

Nice penalty kill by Philly. Richards had a breakaway from well within his own blueline but didnt get a good shot off after a deak to the forehand. Isles score off a bad turnover by Smith and then he blocked it into his own net trying to cover up the giveaway. Bad goal. 2-1 Isles. Not Nitty's fault.

Lupul just let go with a wicked wrist shot that beat DiPietro clean but square off the post. What a shot that kid has. Can't believe we got him and Smith for Pitkanen still!!!

Flyers offense is gone this period. NO pressure or puck control except on the PP. Nice save by Nitty after a strange bounce right in front.

Wow Smith just saved a wide open net. If the Flyers take the puck in front - they get scoring chances. They just are not doing it consistently tonight. Play in the Philly end has been awful tonight. Giveaways all over!!! Nitty hesitates on long dump in and gives up a bad goal. 3-1 Isles. Flyers are playing hot-potato with the puck all over the rink. Powerplay Flyers coming up.

The Flyers play this game has deteriorated since the Smith giveaway and goal. Had a good PP there. Goal by Harntell after a nice play by Umberger. RJ has been a great player this year.

Marty Biron comments are making this game really interesting.

3-2 Isles end of 2nd Period.

3rd Period
Puck is bouncing right off the faceoff. Switched up the lines. Lupul RW with Richards. Greentree almost scored off a nice backhand. Umberger, Kapenen and Briere. Rotating 3 lines only so far this period. No Downie, Cote, Dowd. Flyers powerplay. This rink is awful. Ice is terrible.

Knuble is steady offensively. He makes good decisions night after night. Another post of the stick of Timonen. Fedetenko scores on the Flyers again. This guy kills the Flyers since we traded him. 4-2 Isles. After the goal - Downie Cote and Dowd. Why is that line out there when the Flyers are down 2 goals?? And to top it off, Dowd takes a blatant penalty. So now the refs decide to up the penalty quota. A call on Hatcher and then another to give the Isles a 5 on 3.
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February 8, 2008 3:25 PM ET | Delete
I live in MD and follow the team the same way. It is interesting to listen to the respect that the other teams have for our physical style of play.
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