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Well I went 7-1 in the first round and only missed the Stars knocking off the Ducks. Not too bad. Now time for round 2.

Detroit vs Colorado
The Avs have had a nice rest and they look very good. Detroit won against a division rival which is hard after 8 regular season games and 6 in the playoffs. I think the uncertainty in the net for Detroit will become a distraction and Colorado is very healthy and playing well. I like the Avs.

San Jose vs Dallas
This is a tough series to predict. Dallas played great versus the Ducks and has had some time to rest. San Jose played a tough, rugged, series against Calgary. Two things can happen from that series, one they relax and play the way they did down the stretch which was incredible, or two they are exhausted and get destroyed. I think that Big Joe is becoming a playoff star too and the Sharks are deeper up front, plus Dallas has injuries on defense. I like the Sharks

Pittsburgh vs Rangers
Wow who plays for these teams? I haven't seen either team in months it seems after they both dominated their opening series. The Rangers have the edge in goal, the Penguins are better up front (Crosby, Malkin, Sykora, Hossa,...) , and I have never liked the Rangers defensemen all season. I think the same thing now I thought before the season started, the Penguins are too tough here. I like the Penguins.

Montreal vs Philadelphia
Montreal has beaten the Flyers 6 straight times. Does this sound like the first round repeat? Montreal won the East this year with a great powerplay and career years from many guys. I know this is the homer pick, but Philly is built for this time of year with the 10 forwards that can score. I also like these forwards to make life uncomfortable for young Mr. Price (he can call Huet to see how his buddy feels). The Philly defense is experienced and has good mobility (except Hatcher and Smith). These two are valuable on the PK. I like the Flyers

Hopefully I am right again, this time getting all 4 series correct.
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April 23, 2008 4:46 PM ET | Delete
7 for 8? Not bad at all Phigment. I agree with the assessment of Det/Col. I like the Avs in 7 in that series, and I'm hoping for an ntense 7-game rivalry series. I just don't think SJ can play consistent enough, while Dallas really got it going against Anaheim. Dallas for me here but in 7. Pitt should take this series, but Lundqvist could be the X factor against Hockey Jesus
April 23, 2008 9:55 PM ET | Delete
Nice job in 1st round ... I was 6 of 8 ... missing both game 7's last night! Don't you worry about the STARS D though ... I think our 3 rookie defensmen have played like veterans ... PLUS ... it looks like Zubie will be back for Round 2! STARS in 6!
April 24, 2008 2:30 AM ET | Delete
I missed Zubov's possible return - he would really help the Stars and makes my prediction even dicier!
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