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1st Period
New Lines Tonight in an attempt to get scoring and better defense

Hartnell - Richards - Briere
Upshall - Carter - Lupul
Kapenen - Umberger - Knuble
Cote - Dowd - Downie

Defense Pairs
Timonen - Vandermeer
Smith - Parent
Kukkonen- Jones

Good play thru the first 15 minutes of the period. Nice penalty killing by both teams in the 1st period. These are the two best powerplays and while the offense was good on all powerplays, they managed to kill them all. Two by Philly and one by Montreal. Nice play by Carter to draw a late powerplay.

No Score after 1 period

2nd Period Start
Canadians score a garbage PP goal. Kovalev draws all the attention and guy left all alone. The part that made it garbage was the penalty call. Very weak call. But the goal was an amazing play as he was falling.

Looks like a line change. Lupul hurt with a lower body injury.
Hartnell - Richards - Briere
Upshall - Carter - Downie
Kapenen- Umberger - Knuble

The goal was caused by a really dumb play by Cote. He gave a little slash. And drew the call. This is why Cote cannot be a member of the team. He attracts too much attention.

We have to get rid of Cote - another really stupid play on his part he just ran the goalie for no reason. We don't need him on this team. We would be better with Potulny or Ruzicka on the team. We cannot give this team bad penalties.

Opinion: Get rid of Cote and Dowd from this team. Bring up Greentree and Potulny and roll 4 skilled lines. Forget having the fighter on the team. This team has toughness as long as Hartnell, Richards, Hatcher, Smith, etc. are on the team.

Ryan Parent is an NHLer already. The Flyers can move other defensemen for re-inforcements.

End of 2nd Period - Montreal 1-0 lead.

3rd Period Start
Big chance here - 2 man advantage for the Flyers early in the 3rd period. They have to score here. Great attack time and they hit Price with alot of shots. Plus Kovalev made a nice save too.

What a bullpoop call on Hartnell, followed by a bigger bullpoop call on Jones for Goalie Interference. The league should review game film and fine players that flop like Price did there!

Well Price stole that game with the hidden puck trick. There was a goal scored by Philly but Price had the puck under him and it could not be seen over the line even though the entire goalie was in the net.

Montreal wins 1-0.
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