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Flyers vs Devils 11-16-09

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The Flyers played another really solid, smothering effort against another top team in the Eastern Conference tonight. The Flyers beat the Devils 3-2. This is the 2nd time these 2 teams have met, with the Flyers wining both games. Against the other beasts of the East, the Flyers have split with both Washington and Buffalo in the early part of the season, and lost the only matchup with the Penguins. However the team stats for the Flyers are showing that the job done by Holmgren in the off-season was superb. He first told Stevens to create a more attacking system to hunt the puck all over the rink. Then he went out and got better in the net, on defense and up front. Way to go Homer!

Examining the statistics of the team just proves the job that Holmgren has done to make this team more competitive. In the Eastern Conference (with the unbalanced number of games played to date, the Flyers rank 4th in points earned per game played – behind New Jersey, Washington, and Buffalo. In terms of offense the Flyers rank 2nd in the East in goals per game – behind only Atlanta. On the defensive side of the puck the Flyers rank 2nd in team goals against – behind only New Jersey. This puts the Flyers at the top of every category in the East and means that the decisions made by Holmgren during the off-season were the right ones.

Now the trick for Stevens is to keep the team focused, rotate the ice time of the entire team and for the team to avoid damaging injuries. Go Flyers!
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