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It is crunch time in the NHL Eastern Conference – at least as long as the “Loser Point” is still in place. Without the loser point, when a win was a win and a loss was a loss the Eastern Standings would be as follows.
Washington 106
New Jersey 92
Buffalo 88
Pittsburgh 92
Ottawa 88
Philly 80
Montreal 76
NYR 74
Boston 74

So Boston and the Rangers should be battling for the last playoff spot. Just looking at the 4 teams in the battle for the 3 playoff spots, the Flyers record is 40-40, Boston is 37-43, Montreal 39-42, and NYR is 37-43. Way to go, you now have the distinct possibility that a team will more losses and fewer wins can get into the playoffs. If the Rangers win the home and home series with Philly, and Montreal and Boston lose out, the Flyers will have more wins than all three teams and MISS THE PLAYOFFS. Seems weird to me!

Hockey Sticks
I am sick of the composite sticks! I don’t have to tell you how often there are broken sticks on the ice now in the NHL. If I was in charge of a team, my penalty killers would ALWAYS use wooden sticks to kill penalties. It just makes sense! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this yet?

Good Night and Good Hockey!

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April 9, 2010 8:51 AM ET | Delete
Excellent idea on the wood sticks for the PK!!! But it will never happen...I would just like to see defensive defencemen use wood sticks since they don't really need a composite stick...If it was good enough for Bobby Orr then it should be good enough for your everyday NHL defenceman!
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