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Flyers vs Caps

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What a great game. These 2 teams are so evenly matched and so physical that these games are a joy to watch for all fans. The first matchup was a barn-burner with the Flyers winning in OT. Tonight the Caps outlasted the Flyers with a great comeback. It looked like Philly had the game in control with a 2-0 lead. Within 2 minutes the Caps had tied the game and taken control. Semin scored on a great shot to give the Caps the lead in the 3rd and Jose Theodore stopped Powe on a Penalty Shot to keep the lead.

I hope these teams matchup again in the playoffs. Please....please....pretty please!!!
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October 28, 2009 8:50 AM ET | Delete
I'm not a fan of firing the coach because the players are not playing consistent but this win 1 lose 2, win 2 lose 1, is getting out of hand. It might be time to make a change.
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