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The Flyers are the most confusing team in the NHL this season. They can line up and play many different styles of games. They can score on the rush. Their Powerplay is incredible. They are physical. They win on the road.

Then they can become a team that cannot generate any shots. Or clear the puck form their own end. They give up tons of goals late in periods. They cannot win a shootout. They can't win at home.

So who are these guys? They go on tears where they beat the best in the league, then lose 5 in a row to the also-rans.

I have figured it out now. They are the team that plays exactly to the competition they are presented with. When they have a reason to be up, they play up. If not, they sleep through the entire game. They are the sleeping bear that is allowed to sleep.

This team needs to take control of their emotions now. I think some of the problems can be traced to the captain of the team. Smith is a great leader. He is a warrior, but this is a young team that needs energy to win. He is a guy that takes alot of punishment and plays the game the old fashion way. This group needs a high energy guy to fire them up and PULL them through the rest of the season. I suggest that when Richards comes back, the team puts the "C" on his chest and the "A" on Jeff Carter, especially since they don't seem to be keen on resigning Smith.

Make Mike Richards Batman and Jeff Carter Robin as the leaders of this team!
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