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Flyers - Final Weekend

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Well with two games left, the Flyers are in the mix for the playoffs but have not secured a ticket yet. So what are the possibilities for this weekend. Listen I have my degree in Math, but even I won't list all the possibilities. But, here is what I know for sure.

The Good
After the lost season of 2006-2007 where the Flyers were the worst team in the league, this year has been a welcome back to respect. In June last summer, every Flyers fan would have gladly accepted the chance to control our playoff destiny into the last weekend. The game they played last night in Pittsburgh was a great warmup for the playoffs. If the Pens finish #1 and Philly gets #8, what a round of games that will be. Talk about young talent. Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, Staal, Carter, Richards, Umberger, Lupul, Coburn, etc. I am really hoping to get to watch that 7 game series!

The Better
Of course with some help, the Flyers can still finish in the #6 position and draw the Caps or Canes. This would be fun for different reasons. Number 1 is Ovechkin. This guy is AMAZING! Plus the Canes would be a fun series since the Flyers played very well against them all year.

The Really Ugly
It could be ugly too. If the matchup ends up with Philly vs Montreal. The Habs have killed Philly for the past 2 seasons and most games have not even been close!

Random Thoughts
After watching and reading the sources from Ottawa all year, it might be nice to see the Sens finish their historic collapse and miss the playoffs. My friends and I took a trip to Toronto for the Hall of Fame and to Ottawa to watch Philly last season.

By the way, if you have not been to Hall of Fame in Toronto, you are really missing the best Hall of Fame in all of sports! The Hockey Hall is AWESOME. Take the trip. Go see a game in Toronto on a Saturday night! It has been the best experience of my hockey viewing!

We knew in January that the Flyers were not competing but we made the long trip by car anyway. We wore our jerseys and we happy to be on a total hockey trip. This is something we do every season to different arenas. I can say that in the 11 trips so far, no group of fans were more obnoxious than the majority of Sens fans. We have been to Nashville, Toronto, New Jersey, Washington, Carolina, Atlanta (we were on Kiss Cam there - pretty funny!), but the fans in Ottawa were flat out rude! After the nasty comments made during the entire game, I hope that they get a nice taste of humble pie this weekend. To the Sens fans that were polite, sorry guys.

In closing, the permutations for this weekend will be fun to watch shake out starting tonight. In the end my predictions are as follows:

1. Montreal
2. Pittsburgh
3. Carolina
4. New Jersey
5. Rangers
6. Boston
7. Philadelphia
8. Washington

Just imagine how exciting the playoff matchups would be. Ovechkin and Huet vs Montreal. The Battle of PA. Boston vs Carolina. And the Battle of NY.
April 3, 2008 5:45 PM ET | Delete
Dude, there was nothing funny about being on Atlanta's Kiss-Cam!BTW - Aren't you the guy who used to rail on people that typed smileys...and now yer blogging? It all went downhill the moment you got that Blackberry!Two to go.....hopefully we be fast and they be slow.
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