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Flyers vs Tampa

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Listen Flyers fans, while it would have been nice for the Lightning to move the game up to 5:00 pm so that the Flyers can play before the Eagles game. Don't be mad at the Lightning for saying no thanks to this request by the Flyers. This was a BIG REQUEST since the Lightning were playing Friday night in Jersey and cutting 2 hours between games is a lot especially when the Flyers are sitting at home waiting. Earlier in the year the Lightning were kind enough to move a start up in Philly to accommodate the World Series.

Looking forward to the game tonight; I like the increase in passion in the guys wearing Orange and Black recently. Those of you that said I was wrong about the team mirroring John Stevens calm demeanor, I must say you were wrong. The team is much more emotional, calculating and passionate. At the half way point I must nominate Blair Betts and Michael Lieghton as 2 top contenders along with the normal guys (Richards, Pronger, Carter).

I wish everyone would just calm down about Coburn. This guy is a player that has been overrated for way too long. He is simply not a number 1 or number 2 defender. He is more like a number 4 or number 5 guy. He isn’t physical in the defensive zone. He isn’t highly skilled offensively. His shot is average, his passing is average. His strength is that he can out skate almost anyone in the league while carrying the puck out of trouble. He plays his best games when he is not against the top guys on the other team. Keep him as the leader on the 3rd pair and he will be fine. On the powerplay, put Syvret on the 2nd unit. This kid can really fire the puck and seems to be finding his legs at the NHL level. Let’s see what he can do with some time to one time a few bombs from Kimo.
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January 9, 2010 2:42 PM ET | Delete
It was also nice to see them out play Pittsburgh the other night and not fold any at attempt by Cindy Crosby to make a comeback.
January 11, 2010 6:29 AM ET | Delete
I agree with your assessment with the exception being Brandon COBURN. He played last season at a high level. He is probably the best physically fit flyer and is in great shape. His presence on the ice this year is TERRIBLE! He has no focus, is not hustling, and appears apathetic.I'd like to just "shake him" and tell him to wake up! Too many give aways and no intensity
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