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Eastern Conference
Boston vs Montreal
The Bruins are too good and Montreal is not stable in goal. Bruins win in 5.
Washington vs NY Rangers
Too much Ovechkin and Greene for Lundqvist to steal the series. Caps in 6.
New Jersey vs Carolina
This one is tough. Jersey sort of limped in before the playoffs and Carolina was hot! Both teams have deep experience and NJ has the better goalie while I think Carolina has better forwards overall. I like the Devils in 7.
Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia
What a battle this will be. Each team has 3 deep lines of forwards and talented center ice men. This one will be a long tough series. I feel the Flyers extra depth with 3 lines of scorers will be the difference. Flyers win in 6.

Western Conference
San Jose vs Anaheim
San Jose is ready for a deep run. San Jose in 5.
Detroit vs Columbus
Congrats to Hitch and the Jackets for your first playoff appearance. Now the bad news the Wings are top notch. Detroit in 5.
Vancouver vs St Louis
Way to go St Louis. Building through youth and a great young goalie. Luongo is way to hot and Vancouver is hot! Vancouver in 5.
Chicago vs Calgary
Injuries caused Calgary to drop the division title. Chicago is young, fast, and has an experienced goalie. Chicago in 6.
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April 13, 2009 8:40 AM ET | Delete
nice picks but i think whit san jose and anaheim theres gonna be an upset with the ducks taking it in 7
April 13, 2009 9:20 AM ET | Delete
I am sorry but Marty is not better than Cam Ward at this point in their careers. I like the Devils too but Cam Ward has a great chance to win the Vezina this year.
April 13, 2009 10:11 AM ET | Delete
I disagree. Cam Ward just looks good now because the Canes got hot at the end of the year, and the Devils went into a slump. Ward is younger, I'll give you that, but I think it comes down to a matter of consistency.
April 13, 2009 11:32 AM ET | Delete
I like Cam Ward, but Marty is the best goalie I have ever seen in 40 years. He is money especially in big games!
April 13, 2009 3:45 PM ET | Delete
I am a Flyers fan, but a realistic enough one to realize Pens in 5 again this year.
April 14, 2009 1:09 PM ET | Delete
I noticed that this list picks all the top seeded teams to come out vitorious..except for the Flyers. While I agree with many of the choices, I do not pick the Flyers over the pens. They are a better team, but do not have the consistency nor fire they need to win. I also like Calgary over chicago and carolina over the Devils.
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