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Legends are hard to come by. Yes we hype the hell out of that flavor of the week/month/year. We heap accolades on them. Especially when a sport has been devoid of that and buzz for years. But they haven't accomplished even a dent to surface of what makes a legend. True legends are those we will talk about decades after. And for Long Island, as the winds blow from the former Hurricane Noelle, comes with it a true legend. NY Islander fans get one more time to celebrate one of theirs as Al Arbour comes to Long Island for a one day contract to coach the team to change 1499 to 1500 games.

Ted Nolan's brainchild is a true blue hearkening to the Isles tradition, and another great move for the team nobody seems to respect. The Isles have always been upstarts. From its inaugural year in 1972, we were Johnny come-lately to those original teams who put their nose in the air.

Imagine how horrified they were as the Isles stepped into the playoff frays sending those teams home. Northstars. Home. Vancouver. Home. Rangers. Home. Philly. Home. Edmonton. Home. Four Stanley cups in a row, that dynasty territory shattered by these swaggering men who fought, hit, skated and gnashed those gaping holes called teeth with the rest of them. And they did their dynasty with one extra round as compared to the fabled Montreal Canadians.

The dynasty were legends who were built by a legend, and led by a legend. Now one legend is resurrected in the Coliseum. Where new generation and the old generation can celebrate a momentous moment not just for Long Island hockey, but the sport itself.

TODAY, Al Arbour comes home, albeit it is just a day. It is an experience of a lifetime for those watching and aware of what truly means. As a team, who raised the wariness and ire of those teams in the 80s, they landed in infamy in years after, during the lean years of ownership calamities and GM calamities.

But it's a new day. Many pundits declaring the Isles demise have already backtracked. And with it comes the new tradition, who wants to be connected to the old one. And that lifeline is something special and unique as the NY Islanders is working in unison with fans, press and the league to get back to winning ways and successes.

There is a call going out to those fans young and old, a special day is here. There should not be a soul who wears the Isles logo who is not there is person who can get there. These days don't come often. And sometimes legends are once a lifetime. We get that privilege of seeing and cheering him again for a special game.

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November 3, 2007 12:36 PM ET | Delete
Things are whipping up here along the mainland side of Long Island Sound, BD. Hope the roof of NVMC stays on, at least until Al take his place on the bench.
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