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Canada's Leader-Post has an article Monday on the recovery of Regina native, Mike Sillinger. The article, written by Greg Harder, talks about how he just resumed walking without crutches after his initial surgery back in late February.


In the article, Sillinger confirms that he plans to play next season, which dismisses many rumors and assumptions made by many fans and hockey peanut galleries due to his age. His leadership and play is much needed. And his levity in the lockerroom was much missed. He's always great in the post-game interviews, usually deflating the melodramatic moping of some players after losses.. So I'll be glad to see him back as a comedic and candid spark.

The article goes on further to say that Sillinger is on schedule to begin his regular workout regimen in June and is expected to be cleared to start skating in the beginning of August.

Meanwhile . . . some Lighthouse tidbits . . .

I've had a few conversations with some inside the Town of Hempstead about Lighthouse Project. Overall, the prevailing opinion is that it will take 2 to 3 years for it all to go through. This does not seem to coincide to the Lighthouse Projects or Wang's expectation. Though, they might be able to start the refurbishment of the Coliseum before then. Meanwhile, the Town of Hempstead board passed unanimously to begin the steps, step 1 looking at the plan's impact on traffic, sewage, air quality and water, as well as the economic pros and cons.

Most insiders think the plan is great, and it will beautiful. The biggest issue, of course, is traffic. And the biggest obstacle to the process will be the town of Uniondale itself, as well as it's school district. So, as studies for environmental impact begin, be prepared to strap yourself in for the long haul.

Also gaining kudos was LILighthouse.com, who made sure to be at meetings. It was intoned to me that they need to continue their work not just with the Town of Hempstead, but now beyond, each step of the way. To put pressure on those obstacles and to smooth the surface so that we all, whether hockey fans or not, can enjoy the refurbishment of a key area on LI.

As for the traffic debate, Wang has hired a traffic expert, and they plan to be very active in providing solutions to what might be the largest divisive element to the plans. So stay tuned here, and be active with LILighthouse.com.

Sign LILighthouse's petition!

- BD
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BD: Throw this in too about Sillinger's charity http://www.shootingstarsfoundation.ca/index.htmlFive for Fighting is also donating to help fight autism. Other than traffic, the lighthouse project may have a problem with power. It can all happen. It's just a matter of when... and how $$.
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