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I'm sitting here in Uniondale talking about life, liberty and blogging with my fellow blog-boxer in Kevin Rosenblatt, who has an excellent blog http://islandersoutsider.blogspot.com as the Islanders Outsider. We are commiserating on our career paths, which are a lot alike.

Word has come down on Boston's Patrice Bergeron, who was hit from behind by Randy Jones from Philly. It simply unbelievable that another Flyer is going to get a large suspension this season. Not to mention, nothing is known on Bergeron's condition besides being motionless, having them cut away his pads and jersey to fit on a neck brace. A sobering reminder that the precarious line of this physical game must be toed upon at all cost.

Earlier this week was Sports Illustrated writer's Michael Farber's piece which talked about the duality of good and evil of the Isles own, Chris Simon. http://sportsillustrated....l_farber/10/24/simon1029/

Isles VP of Media Relations, Chris Botta, http://nyipointblank.blog...2007/10/si-on-sisigh.html in his own elegant blog railed on that piece and put forth a light to the actual process of how that article happened and the bending over backwards the Isles did to give Farber access. He and the Isles seemed disappointed that Chris Simon was pulled through the mud. I understand Botta's point-of-view. And agreed that the high road that the Isles took during that story process was commendable, however I disagreed with his issue with Farber's piece. Farber and SI always go for the human element to the story. Unlike the glitz and pomp of ESPN and others, SI has always looked for humanity within the stories, good or bad. Even the Media Circus article about the blog box was to that benefit, talking about what it all meant. Well, what Simon's actions mean in that schism of time carries over still. And with with another injury likely sustained by Boston today, this story will not simply go away.

More later . . .

It's law enforcement night at the Coliseum. Police grappled down from the rafters. Sparky the Dragon is in jail garb. And Fedotenko got put in the box less than a minute in.

With 2 seconds left, Carolina notches a powerplay goal. Brind'Amour with his 4th of the season.

Just got word that Bergeron has a concussion and broken nose, and that might be extent of his injuries. NHL might have dodged a bullet, but Philly will not. Something has to give.

Speaking of give: Carolina was given another score. 2-0 Carolina.

Isles back in the box. Campoli with a delay of game.

Isles now 3 goals in a hole. PP score. Brind'Amour with another. Assists by Whitney and Stillman.

Williams with a hooking penalty. Isles see their first powerplay.

DiPietro with another sloppy puck handling moment almost saw a shorthanded goal. DP not exactly ON tonight.

Another Carolina penalty. Adams for Highsticking. Can the Isles capitalize? They need something fast.

Powerplay and puck movement is very uneven. Isles are struggling. Not exactly a period to write home about. Hopefully they will regroup because Carolina came to play.

Carolina with 10 shots, Isles 5. 3-0 hole for Isles.

Carolina's first shot...another goal. 4-0. Whitney gets the goal.

Rick makes a save a bit later and gets sarcastic cheer.

Isles finally get a goal as it gets hairy. Wait...under review. Oh, that will go well. Well, lookee there . . . it does. 4-1. Isles climb back a bit from the depths.

Ruslan Fedotenko with the goal, Satan and Gervais with the assists.

Isles pressing a bit more now. This period must see more cycling and energy. The rust is coming off. Almost another goal.

The rust is not off DP or the defense. Carolina scores again with ease. Justin Williams, with Commodore and Hedican with the assists.

DP is simply awful tonight. Staal with a goal. 6-1. Dubie now in goal for the Isles.

Isles get PP goal. Nice pressure there. MAB with assists from Comrie and Campoli.

Isles putting on pressure. Dubie actually making some saves. How nice. Rick may have been off tonight, but I also notice the Isles D not keeping the opposing offense to the outside as well as games previous.

Watching video of a dog swinging around from a policeman's arm. Reminded me of the Carolina offense earlier going for blood. 1:32 left in the 2nd. Isles have 13 shots to Carolina's 18.

3rd period begins with the Isles quickly pressing.

Isles ALL OVER Carolina. But Grahame and the Carolina D hod them off.

Carolina presses now. Penalty on Simon. Faber, you cad! You must be behind this! Is there NO END to Sports Illustrated's evil.

Isles breakaway! Penalty shot called when Park is pulled down. Park is not exactly the best of finishers, and you can now see why. Too much thinking.

Martinek adds to a -3 night with a penalty. 5 on 3. Laviolette has Staal on point to a 6-2 game. That IS interesting. Park loses his stick. Carolina with a goal. 7-2.

Might be time for a statement of fists here now.

Isles bend over and give us 8-2

Sillinger now in the box, the unraveling continues.

Brind'Amour has hat trick. Williams had the other goal. Big scoring fest for Carolina's mainstays.

One wonders if some of Long Island's law enforcement can step in since the nobody is really standing up being pissed off by this drubbing.

No fights. But Isles are trying to score. Couple of close calls.
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October 28, 2007 3:15 PM ET | Delete
BD...Tell Botta he's wrong, wrong, wrong about Farber's piece. It's beautifully written, nuanced, balanced and gives readers a pretty good understanding of Simon and his context. If he was looking for some sort of exculpatory puff piece, he doesn't know his job, even after 20 years or however long he's been there. You don't give a premier writer access hoping for a press release. You can only hope for an accurate, sensitive story which accurately depicts the protagonist and his world. Farber delivered that.
October 29, 2007 9:02 AM ET | Delete
I think it was simply that Botta was far too close to the subject, which might be more exemplify Simon's meaning to the team and people around him. However, I share your take. Faber's piece was fine. SI was there to catch the human element and they indeed did catch that, including the all-to-human reaction as well.
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