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a-POCK-a-lypse Now

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What's more disheveled than the status of the US economy these days? How about the Isles defensive core. Sutton is injured from training camp drills. Campoli from a crushing hit in a preseason game. What are those injuries and for how long....your guess is good as mine, because the Isles won't tell due to the newest slab of insular policy-making in the NHL. They don't have to.

Thomas Pock has played in 59 career NHL games and has scored seven goals with seven assists for 14 points. He was plucked off of waivers by the Isles.

Per our own Rangers blogger and miscreant sibling of mine:
"He wasn't really going to go anywhere with Rangers. But is feisty and goes for the puck. Sometimes out of place. Much better chance of getting more time on Long Island than this year's Rangers with the addition Kalinin and Redden. NYR are likely to go with Potter & Fahey pressing for the 7th spot, plus with some kids in the AHL, there was just no room."

Sounds like more of an offensive Dman who isn't so defensively sound, and needs to learn about positioning. Which makes him fit right on on the Isles internal concept of a dman in the new NHL.

Meanwhile, nobody knows what's what with Chris Campoli. He was returned to NY for evaluations last week. But, thanks to the NHL policy, they don't have to say much else. However, with a defense of 7, one does not grab another dman with NHL experience unless they have gone down to 6 OR, even 5 for a while. Expect Hillen and now Pock to be around.

As Chris Botta pointed out in his www.islanderspointblank.com, blog, Pock is on a one-way contract, so unless he plays himself off this team...and look at who he is stacking up against...that ain't going to happen. Pock will be here for the long haul because someone on LI is out for quite a while.

- BD
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