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The Isles are still amidst a complete powerplay outage. However, luckily, they had nary a chance as they let the NYR practice theirs instead. A tired and out-of-sorts team came to MSG, and got called for a lot of infractions, and somehow didn't get called for a few others, as they struggled against a Ranger team determined to stem the tide.

Ranger coach, Tom Renney, told his team that they needed to press themselves directly in front of Rick DiPietro, which they had not been doing, getting pressed usually to the outside of the area instead by the Isles game defense. But last night, that Isles defense could not remove them, and the Rangers forwards succeeded in creating chances as DiPietro flopped around and had to move to and fro.

Rick, to tell the truth, didn't quite look in sorts himself. Now he played a strong game, to be sure. Ricky and this team still, despite not having a great game, kept themselves in it with solid goaltending. But, maybe I've just been seeing DP too long in that goal crease. But to me, he looked a bit tired. Too many times off his feet and flopping around, like that goldfish in the Faith No More video. Ricky, it's time to sit out a game and let Dubie shake off some rust. Nevermind that Saturday is a hot for fans to come to the Coliseum.

The body needs rest, even if the mind and perhaps ego does not think so. Too much, and the body begins to break down, or WORSE, bad decisions made, like last season as Rick went out to play a puck and got clobbered in the head. Or like versus Ottawa, where he did that exact same play once again. A rested body, a rested mind, despite the constant desire to fight, is key. It's why soldiers get R&R, even when they don't want it or are so keyed up, they don't know what to do with it. Rick needs the same. We are a quarter-ways into the season, and time for lil' Ricky to hit the rest stop.

<b>Disturbing Issue</b>

We all know these games can get the blood boiling. But I, along with many others, were disturbed by antic of Ryan Hollweg from last night's game.

Radek Martinek accused Hollweg of trying to rip out his stitches. And he's not the only one here. Both Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe saw it during the game, and coach Ted Nolan brought it up after the game.

Hollweg's contention is that he was merely giving Radek a wholesome facewash.

Per the Assiocated Press: Martinek said Hollweg threatened him and then reached for his face.

"He said he is going to take my stitches out."

I'm sure there are many passioned opinions on this one from both sides.

Note: Bergie was a healthy scratch.

Next up, on Sat: Atlanta.
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November 30, 2007 5:31 PM ET | Delete
November 30, 2007 9:36 PM ET | Delete
B.D. I thought the same thing about Rick! He was flopping around the same way Glenn Healy used to. And every time he'd be out of position, they scored. Didn't seem himself. Hollweg just has no respect for his fellow NHLers. Plain and simple. I look forward to his retirement... preferrably an EARLY one.
November 30, 2007 9:57 PM ET | Delete
I like how all Islander fans like to make Hollweg out to be the dirtiest player on the ice.....lets not forget your own player Chris Simon and even your own coach Teddy Nolan have a not so stellar track record.....if you noticed during that scrum Colton Orr was mobbed by 3 not 1 islander players with Simon throwing a few sucker punches......and then when push comes to shove Simon gets his butt handed too him by Orr.Islander fans need to wake up and smell the sweaty fists....hockey is not for pansies.....if you dont want your face to get washed by a glove regardless of who it is, then dont play the next game, or take the necessary pre-cautions and where a visor.
December 1, 2007 8:40 AM ET | Delete
what? the Islanders again making a big deal out of a meaningless incident? NO WAY!!! Shocking!!!Hey, the Rangers are never allowed to use the excuse of back to back games and Henrik being tired when they lose, so, don't you boys start doing it.
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