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DP Iced as Okposo Debuts

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DP Iced: Gone for Season

DP is now out for the year, as now his right hip will be operated on. The poorest kept secret in hockey is now done. Rick has likely been hurt since the all star game, and has clearly contributed to his second-half falter. It might also explain his extended sitting after his grandmother passed away.

So, surgery on his left hip after season 1 of his 15 year deal. Surgery now on his right hip at the end of season 2. Thank god for these longterm deals given by the Isles, the Caps and Philly. Right? Right?


This is precisely why long term deals that are so large they cannot be insured is bad for teams and the league. It is bad business, and one if not more of these teams who make this unnecessary if not ludicrous commitments will regret it terribly down the line. When you see Brian Burke make this type of deal, then I'll reconsider my stance. Or Sweet Lou. Til then, no matter what team or what player, anything beyond what can be insured is simply overkill, and anchoring a team on health in a physical and injury-prone game.

Meanwhile, Back On The Ice

Last night began the Kyle Okposo era. He played relatively well in his first NHL game. He was positionally sound. He cycled the puck well. He seemed tough to move off the puck when in the corners. He did not look out of place, at all. It wil help as his jitters disappear and he gains confidence to what he can do. I walked away thinking, here is a top two line guy, indeed. He needs to be on a line with Comrie and Guerin, in my opinion. As Okposo digs the corners, bulling his way, Comrie can slip to catch a pass. Or remake his line on Bridgeport here.

In fact the kids and Dubie were about the only players to show up. Besides Davison's clearing attempt which hopped, it was a flat effort that should have been a 3-0 shutout. Dubie played as well as could be expected. Toronto didn't even look sharp either. But yet, took it anyway. The vets seemed to be in some malaise as the Isles further drop, making many fans get excited to how far they might plunge in an upcoming intriguing draft this summer.

I find myself uncomfortable cheering such a thing. To accept, if not revel in failure. It creates a culture of not caring or turning a blind eye to what is already has inconsistency on the part of this team. With so many kids, now, it is more important, as if in a 8-0 losing effort, to pull away as many positives as possible. I do not think the Isles are deliberate losing. And I am sure they'd prefer to win their way out, finding some respectability and hope within a disappointing season.

It is better left for scouts to maximize picks, where ever the Isles end up in the draft lottery.

I dare say anyone who looks at that scoreboard as other teams win and Isles lose, don't feel some measure of discord IF they are one of those cheerlosers. I understand it. But I just cannot do it. No matter how sweet the notions of Stamkos or Doughty. Those sweet notions only leave a sour bitter taste in my mouth.

Trade Deadline Bitterness

It further annoys me that the ones doing the disappearing are those who Snow failed to move at the deadline. Snow did not want to give up. Yet with now the clear suspicion of DP's hip coming to light, did they now do a disservice due to playoff delusions?

You had an injured starting goalie. A mediocre team. A deep draft and a some kids in Bridgeport who ended up playing anyway.

When Garth said to me and the rest of the bloggers of the Blog Box: "Don't you want to see these kids play?" I nodded my head. But then wondered, then why didn't you commit to the rebuild???? So, now in lieu that DP was clearly working through an injury, did that not bring everyone else out of this silly notion that somehow we'd compete for that playoff spot. A GM must have a good temperature and feel for his team.

To me, it is a garbled result to an inconsistently provided vision. The Isles tried to find gems in sleepers, mid-tier players and vets. This failed. Sure, they shot for top players at first. But reality is a cruel beast. Even crueler this season as those sleepers now sleep. Personally, I'd have slept better with some 2nd or 3rd round pick in my pocket, giving me wealth to move up or build better using those picks..

- BD
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